NitroBrew on Vine - Nitrobrew

NitroBrew on Vine

NitroBrew on Vine

NitroBrew fan @PortlandBeer put together a handy step-by-step video guide to NitroBrew on Vine. Enjoy!

Set up for @NitroBrew, step by step. Part 1 (Compressor & charging station @ 35-40 PSI)


Step 2 of @NitroBrew. Open beer, open kettle, fill kettle to line, close kettle.

Step 3 of @Nitrobrew. Push kettle tip firmly into charging station, press trigger w/ thumb 1/2 way & pump several times til compressor stops


Final step in @NitroBrew set up: Invert kettle several times, pour UPSIDE DOWN & SLOWLY! Beware of spray! Drink & enjoy. Cheers!

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