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Amazon Customer
Five Stars

Purchased this unit for our shop and it works great. The customer service and training is outstanding.

Amazon Customer
Amazing Nitro Cold Brew/Beer System

Amazing system, amazing owner. We (Songbird Coffee & Tea House) absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nitro system (cold brew or beer).


Nigel Peeps
Great product for any fan of craft beer

Great product for any fan of craft beer. If you've ever had a beer on nitro, you know how smooth and creamy it feels. Now do it with all your beers. Great for iced coffee, as well.

Cary Ross
Must have for the real beer lover.

Love my NitroBrew and is a must have for the real beer lover. I use it for the beers that you would expect to have a Nitro pout like the stouts and porters but I also use it on IPA's which I normally don't drink. The NitroBrew softens the hoppiness (normally don't drink hoppy beers) and lets me enjoy an IPA as well.

Jacob Tschetter
A must own!

I love my Nitrobrew! We actively use it at the bar. We started with coffee and beer at first, but then we introduced it into our cocktail program. It's easy, portable and is a great addition to any bar/restaurant. For smaller bars that may not have the ability to add a nitro line, this is the perfect way to go. We've been doing stouts, porters, sours, goses, IPAs, etc. It's been a blast experimenting and we've had some seriously wonderful feedback from our guests.

Five Stars

My NitroBrew is working like a charm. I have combined it with a compressor I bought in Istanbul. I enjoy it very much, especially with my home brewed stouts. It also gets many compliments from our friends who visit us. Thank you very much!


My wife says I'm obsessed with NitroBrew! I absolutely love it! I mainly bought it for nitro coffee and am completely satisfied with the results. I've also been playing around using it to make cocktails. It is fun experimenting. I didn't realize before I had it how flexible the system is and how quick and simple it is to use. My wife enjoys tea and I also have been making her nitro tea.

We have been on vacation the past few days and truly miss it. I wanted to take it with us but was afraid I would damage it on the road.


I think I've had mine for almost a year now, and I've used it between 75 and 100 times, probably ... mostly for myself, but also for family. I'm a homebrewer and a bit of a foodie, and I love it ...Every beverage I've made has been excellent ... truly excellent. What do I love about it? ...

Every beer becomes two, and the new variants is always more quaffable ...
I enjoy that reality of using it, and I think that's something that I'd champion if I were serving coffee to customers. Blending things in it is brilliant ...I thoroughly enjoy putting a half a shot of Kahlua in, and then NitroBrewing my Imperial Raisin Stout w/ the Kahlua ... to great effect.


I probably used it a bit much, and it is a GREAT product. I have tried my Irish Red, Lemon Grass Wheat, and Creme Brulee Porter on it and all were just great. Comments online suggest it is tough to setup and use, and frankly I found it easy. Had it up and running in about 10 mins. With both the coffee/tea house that I am part owner in as well as the Brewery we are trying to start so far this is definitely in our plan. I would to put it through the runnings first to make sure it will hold up, but so far it is exceeding my expectations (and the service is EXCELLENT).


Tried just about everything and it works fine so far - coffee, beer, sodas, hot cocoa. I'm definitely getting a better hang of the pour and I'm looking forward to using it at the farmer's market for some nitro-brew coffee.


I've used it and it's a brilliant creation. Well made, consistent results. Absolutely love it.

Michael Sean

Brilliant bit of kit, tried it with beer, but the best result was with pineapple juice, haven't tried it with cold brewed coffee yet which is what I, m gonna be using it for to start with. Thanks matey brilliant.


yes. and i am happy. will be ordering other flavorings in the future. the system is simple to use. i love variety, and with this along with all the different crafts on the market today...the options are endless. thanks for making this accessible to the small scale guy. take care friends.