Nitro Tea

What Is Nitro Tea?

Nitro tea is a beverage rapidly gaining popularity around the globe. Simply put, nitro tea is any type of brewed tea infused with nitrogen gas. This innovative process provides tea with a thick, yet silky texture that elevates the entire drinking experience. The tiny nitrogen bubbles not only enhance the flavor but also add a visual aesthetic that you can’t achieve with a standard tea maker.

While you can infuse hot tea, nitro brew tea is best enjoyed cold, as the chill enhances its effectiveness and taste. Nitro black tea is a common favorite, as its robust flavor complements the richness of the nitrogen bubbles beautifully. With the right equipment, creating nitro infused tea is straightforward, and its growing popularity in cafes and coffee shops shows how delightful these beverages can be.

Just like other beverages, any full-bodied tea will do great on nitro. Whether it is Assam tea or English Earl Grey, if you enjoy cold tea, you will love it on nitro and so will your customers. No need to limit yourself to just black tea either, we have customers using our nitro drink machines to develop completely customized recipes. From nitro green teas to something more unique like matcha, hibiscus, chai or even passionfruit, the opportunities are endless.

Caramel Spice Nitro Cold Brew Tea
Taipei Nitro Green Tea

Experiment With New Flavors

One of the best parts of brewing your own nitro iced tea is that you can constantly experiment with new flavors. There’s no single way to make nitrogen infused tea, which makes the process exciting and unique to each brewer. You can add tried-and-true flavors such as cinnamon, peach, fennel and even chocolate. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take your creativity up a notch with mango and passion fruit. There are countless ways to enjoy your tea, and a nitro tea maker from NitroBrew helps you elevate the experience — one sip at a time.

Start Brewing With NitroBrew

Now that you’re interested, you may be wondering how to make nitro tea. At NitroBrew, we offer a wide variety of products, with our inline nitro infuser being the star of the show. Whether you’re setting up a nitro tap system or need a single serve application, NitroBrew can work with your team to provide all the necessary components. We focus on sustainability, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about separate nitrogen canisters or consumables. If you are interested in learning more about our system and how to get started, contact our team today!

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