Wall-Mount NitroBrew System – Dual

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Save counter space with the wall-mount NitroBrew system! Serving two nitro beverages on tap is now easy with NitroBrew. Use in your cafe or any business!You can supply your chilled beverage in any container and you will be ready to serve in minutes. No pressurized kegs needed. Connect the tabletop system to a nitrogen cylinder or and clean  (oil free)air compressor.

You can just serve nitro or both nitro and still (make sure to pick switch option ‘yes’ if you prefer this option) from the same tap! Pick the right option for you! Note that using the same tap for both (still & nitro) does mean there could be some residual beverage in the hose from your previous serving that could get into your new pour.

No consumables if used with air compressor. Call or email us to learn about the compressor we recommend based on the noise decibel level overall performance

Use with cold brew coffee, beer, tea, or any other drink!

 $50 ground shipping within the contiguous U.S.

Click here to see how the NitroBrew Tabletop works. This exactly how the Wall-mount NitroBrew works as well!

Click here to see what our customers are saying about our Nitro Cold Brew Tap system

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* Zero Consumables. No cartridges to change or cylinders to fill. We offer sustainable products that are great for your pocket and the environment! All NitroBrew products can be used with 100% nitrogen or air compressor (78% nitrogen)

For international orders and priority shipping, please contact us. Items ordered using standard shipping typically arrive within 7 days.

Arizona residents owe sales tax on their purchases.


Dual tap, One still tap & One nitro tap

Still Switch Tap 1

No, Yes

Still Switch Tap 2

No, Yes

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