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Introducing the NitroBrew Single Serve — the perfect solution for DIY home brewers wanting to elevate their coffee, beer or other beverage experience. You can finally bring the magic of nitro brew into your own kitchen with NitroBrew’s innovative and sustainable homebrew nitro setup.

Our home nitro cold brew system encourages you to transform your favorite beverages into silky, velvety indulgences. Cleaning your at home nitro cold brew maker is a breeze, and the kettle is dishwasher safe.

Your NitroBrew home kit includes:

  • One 16oz kettle
  • One NitroBrew charger
  • One air compressor

Setting up our nitro brew kit is as simple as connecting the compressor and mounting the charging station. The nitro brew at home machine reduces carbonation and infuses the drink with nitrogen for a smoother taste and feel. Our nitro at home system has garnered a lot of attention, including being featured on the Homebrew Challenge. Make your nitro cold brew at home and elevate your beverage game with the NitroBrew Single Serve.

$20 ground shipping within the contiguous U.S.

recycle image* Zero Consumables. No cartridges to change or cylinders to fill. We offer sustainable products that are great for your pocket and the environment! All NitroBrew products can be used with 100% nitrogen or air compressor (78% nitrogen)

For international orders and priority shipping, please contact us. Items ordered using standard shipping typically arrive within 7 days.

Arizona residents owe sales tax on their purchases.




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  1. Nick Luchetti

    Thank you! I love this thing! Im a homebrewer and it’s awesome to be able to sample my brews on nitro without having to deal with finding beer gas and having an additional gas setup. Highly recommend!

  2. Birgit Korn

    We got the 12oz and 16oz packs to use it in a coffee trailer in the near future. At the moment we try everyday something different to make ourselves familiar with the system. So far we absolutely love it. Even an orange juice tastes much better as nitro. As a hobby homebrewer and distiller I also tried to make a cocktail and it was amazing. But not just the single serve system is amazing, the customer service is absolutely the best I have ever experienced. It is the perfect package of product and customer service.

  3. Bri B.

    I have used this everyday since it arrived and I LOVE it!! This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I love that I can “re-nitro” my coffee and control the amount I consume each day without wasting cartridges. I highly recommend this brew kit!

  4. Chris

    This kettle rocks! I got it to experiment with creating nitro iced tea products and it worked really well. The tea comes out with a beautiful cascade and looks like a beer! The foam creates a latte-like drinking experience, with a creamy texture and an enhanced fragrance of the tea. It has become my favorite way to enjoy cold tea (hot beverages don’t keep the gas in solution and go flat pretty quickly). It is also a great way to infuse other flavors into a beverage. The pressurized container helps infuse and disperse subtle flavors into the liquid and I could see it making an amazing craft cocktail with citrus peels or other botanicals.

    The kettle is easy to disassemble and clean which is great because I tried out many different kinds of teas and was happy to find no lingering tastes from the previous batches.

    I think I will upgrade to an inline system soon for easier pours on demand. Using the kettle takes a minute or so to prep each drink, but I love it as my testing unit to see which beverages work well enough to hook up to a draft system and have on tap all the time.

    The NitroBrew customer service team is amazing as well. They are super cool and friendly and passionate about their nitro products. Full of helpful info (there was a bit of a learning curve to dispense the tea without splashing) and guidance. I think this kettle is the perfect intro into nitro beverages and I highly recommend it for testing new products or just for fun in the home.

  5. Denise Fidler

    I am LOVING the NB home kit. I’ve used it for my coffee. I love how it takes a inexpensive coffee and makes it taste like a coffee house blend. I’ve used it with my higher end coffees as well and it makes those even better. I’ve also used the NB with beer and I love how it makes the beer so smooth and removes the bitterness that some beers have. I was just an occasional beer drinker before but NB has changed that!

    I’ve watched the videos you have on YouTube and they were helpful in understanding how to use the kit and I enjoyed watching the different ways to use NB and look forward to trying some of them in the near future.

  6. Erin

    Our NitroBrew has been indispensable to our business. The value that it adds to the variety that we offer in our shop is too great to measure. Customers are consistently impressed with the drinks we make, from juices to cold-brew lattes to chai. The machine is relatively quiet and easy to store out of the way. When we had a mechanical problem after a year of steady use, the crew at NitroBrew were quick to help us find affordable solutions. Get the combo with 16oz and 12oz kettles if you’re looking for maximum speed and flexibility! -Erin at Chemistry Coffee Co

  7. Susan

    Great easy to use system for my mobile coffee trailer! Amazing support and follow up to all my questions! Highly recommend

  8. Jeff

    This kit is great! I’ve been using it with cold brew coffee and it’s quick enough for a daily nitro coffee in the morning. A quick rinse will keep it clean after pouring, so that it’s ready for the next day.

    It’s also possible to use it with other liquids, such as hard cider.

  9. Steph

    I first tried nitrogen charged coffee in late 2019 and immediately wanted to know how to make it myself. There are a lot of options out there but many require canisters, which I really did not want to fuss with. I found NitroBrew but wasn’t ready to make the investment, so I watched for about a year to see if the price changed at all. I finally decided to order a kit in late December 2020 and upon receipt, I wondered why I hadn’t ordered it sooner. The quality is fantastic, the instructions are clear, and the customer service is tremendous. They’re very responsive and helpful. I really love my NitroBrew setup and while it’s mostly homemade cold brew that I infuse, I know there are endless ideas out there. I actually like my homemade nitro brew better than the ones I’ve bought from coffee shops. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to go for it and treat yourself to this setup. You’ll be impressed.

  10. Hayden Evans

    I bought the 16oz Nitrobrew Home System as a Christmas gift for my brother. We both love nitro cold brew coffee and for the longest time I was searching for a system that didn’t use disposable cartridges to no avail. I stumbled across an ad for this system on Instagram and was immediately interested. At first I thought it might be too good to be true – surely there had to be a reason that most nitro cold brew systems used cartridges. I watched videos on the system and after seeing a few, I was convinced on giving it a shot. I thought it would make a great gift for my brother and it has been absolutely awesome! Simple to use, solid equipment and pours perfect nitro cold brew coffee with no waste! I’ve recommended this system to other friends and I will likely get a system for myself. It’s that good!

  11. Liz Arimento

    I can not say ENOUGH about how awesome Nitrobrew is and what an amazing experience we have had working and dealing with the individuals at the company.
    My husband and I first tried a nitrobrew cold-brew coffee a couple of weeks ago and loved the taste. (We are both huge cappuccino drinkers and I personally love anything to do with coffee.) After trying this “new” type of coffee, my husband researched and came across the Nitrobrew. We were immediately drawn to this product because of its sustainability; it was the only product that we could find that ecologically friendly. It was an all-in-one set up and we, as believers of the thought process of reduce, reuse and recycle, were so excited by the fact that we didn’t have to buy any nitrogen cartridges and that there didn’t seem to be any waste! After finding the Nitrobrew product online, I called the company to confirm that we were correct in our understanding of it and how it operates. I spoke to one of the engineers and he walked me through the complete operation of the product and confirmed what we understood of the product and the process of infusing nitrogen to the various liquids. We were SOLD!!! We ordered one immediately and the company honored a free shipping sale that they had on the website even though it had expired a few days before we called. I dealt with two other employees while paying for the product; they emailed me and called me to make sure that everything went smoothly making sure that I did receive the free shipping.
    And then, it arrived last week!!!!
    This machine works amazing!!! It works exactly as promised and has made my drinking experience thus far delightful!!! I, who drinks alcohol very rarely, had three pumpkin beers last week alone (one on different days); the nitrobrew brought those beers to another creamy level that I could never have imagined. We love nitro-infused beers like Guinness but this was even a level above that; the beers were spectacular and so yummy!! We have also tried it with some cold-brew coffee that I made and various juices for our kids. Not only is the taste amazing, but it is SO EASY to use. You can have any drink nitro-infused within two minutes of having the thought. I love, love, love this product and even called the company yesterday to let them know how amazing it is. When I called, I talked to one of the founders, Murthy, and he was so kind and helpful. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience from beginning to end. We now have the machine permanently set up in our dining room(ran out of room in the kitchen with the cappuccino machine and grinder) so we can use it as often and as easily as we want to. Thanks again, Nitrobrew! Best decision and buy that I have made this year; well worth the money!

  12. Michael Leftwich

    Got my system and have been using for ~3wks. and I love it! Great little setup and easy to use – does a fantastic job adding creamy feel/taste to my homebrew.

  13. Tamara

    I found this company via Instagram. I am big into tea and tea drinks. I watched all their videos and was very impressed with this product. I vowed to get one one day. Well my husband surprised me with getting the 12 Oz set up and I was SO pumped! I have been using it almost every weekend since. I have made iced tea drinks, beer, I wished I liked coffee, but I can’t get into it. But I did try it on some friends and they loved it! I absolutely love that you don’t have to buy or worry about canisters. Also recently saw in their social media that you can CO2 infused things like kombucha and other teas and drinks. I cannot wait to try doing that ! Amazing customer service as I chat and ask questions via social media a lot.

  14. John

    Kit works incredibly well. It’s an awesome investment to drink nitrobrew coffee regularly. Saving cash from going to starbucks and after perfecting a cold brew recipe mine tastes much better too.

  15. Kris

    Fantastic and easy to use system. I can now make any beer I want into a nitro fused beer. I watched the YouTube tutorial and they take you through a step by step process. Once you learn the steps, it’s just a matter of plugging it in and making it a nitro beer!

    If you are home a lot and wish you had nitro style beer, definitely check this out.

  16. Vito W Amatulli

    Just received my Nitrobrew and I love it. Made 2 batches of Nitro coffee and they came out fantastic. I also tried a batch of IPA and it was fantastic. This has to be one of the best products that each homebrewer should invest in. This takes homebrewing up a notch.

  17. Sanjeev

    Love the product. I have used it with cold brew coffee, beer and black tea. Here is my favorite recipe

    2 ounces vodka
    1 ounce Grand Mariner
    Sugar syrup based on ur taste
    Filter or cold brew coffee

    Nitro brew it for one delicious cocktail. The product is easy to clean and efficient. Love it!!!

  18. Sam

    120z NitroBrew kit is very simple to use and after using it my coffee tastes good

  19. Natasha

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who always buys nitro brewed coffees and beers. He absolutely loves it and has been having so much fun making his own drinks at home. We preferred to use the online video to assist with setup and use so we knew we were doing it properly, once you see it done once it’s extremely easy to use. Root beer or cream soda brewed and poured over vanilla ice cream for an extra creamy float has been a great discovery. Avoid using French pressed coffee if your French press does not remove ALL of the coffee granules as they will clog your kettle very easily. The product is amazing quality and we are really enjoying it, I love how quiet it is and that we never have to purchase refill canisters or cartridges. The customer service was great as well, they were so helpful, pleasant and quick. Thank you so much!

  20. Carrie

    Amazing product and even better customer service!

    I was a little hesitant originally buying from a company I didn’t know, but all of the reviews and research convinced me to take a chance. I’m so glad I did!

    We used our kit once and noticed the next morning there was a tiny bit of new rust. I figured I shouldn’t have let it sit dirty overnight but I reached out anyway. NitroBrew shipped us a new kettle immediately as well as paid postage labels to return the old one. They said this was a issue they had years ago that had been fixed and they are going to look into why it happened to me.

    The reason I share that is that I was SO impressed with the customer service. I don’t want to call them out on flaws—honestly the rust was so tiny and flaws happen to everyone. The main thing is that when you buy from a vendor you want to know they’ll have your back if something goes wrong and NitroBrew does. You can feel confident purchasing from them.

    We use our kit several times a week and we haven’t had any further issues. It really elevates our home bar!

    We’ve nitro’d iced tea, coffee, beer, and wine. Probably the coolest nitro beverage we had was a fruity beer that when nitro’d unexpectedly became like a strawberry milkshake! My husband is recently sensitive to dairy and was so excited at this flavor. We’re going to be buying that beer again.

    You will not regret this purchase. We cannot wait until the pandemic ends and we can use nitrobrew for parties.

  21. Dee

    Arrived quickly and packaged securely. Setup was easy and within 5 minutes after initial wash and sanitize, ready to nitro coffee. Infuses very well! A few shakes and it’s as good as what you’d get from any shop/cafe. Highly recommend, as you can make just about anything nitro infused and get that velvety texture! We’re looking to add another kettle or two in the future.

  22. Marissa

    We use the table top NitroBrew at our cafe and it’s great. The foam is thick and velvety. The NitroBrew machine is easy to install and maintain, and the customer service is top-notch. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to add nitro coffee beverages to their menu.

  23. Todd Athorp

    The Nitrobrew system is redefining how I consume beer and coffee. No more hassle of running to a chain coffee house and paying extra for their nitro infusion, or spending extra cash to buy pre-nitro’d canned beer! I just pour, infuse, dispense, and enjoy! This is a great product and ideal for anyone a little room in their kitchen or home bar. The hardware design was clearly thought through, the workmanship is exquisite, and the product performs phenomenally! Highly recommended!

  24. Levi Kirkpatrick

    I’ve primarily used my NitroBrew Kit for making Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at home and I love it! The consistency and taste is fantastic. Cleanup and maintenance (so far) has been a breeze. I’ll likely work to save up for a second kettle just for convenience when sharing with family and friends.

    I also have a 64oz keg system (not from NitroBrew) and I much prefer the NitroBrew System. I can make the equivalent amount of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to share with family and friends in a much shorter time. I no longer use my keg system.

  25. Pablo Marczuk

    Awesome way to nitro any beer or any drink!! Perfect gift for the Holidays!!!!!
    Easy to use and maintain!!!

    Thank you sooooo much!!!
    I cannot be more happy with this purchase!!

  26. Robert Cameron Swift

    So far, I’ve used the system approx 10 times. I’m pleased with it. For beer, it works great! I plan on taking the kit over to a friends house this weekend to show it off. ?
    Thanks again for the military discount!!

  27. Vinay

    An extremely easy to use product. The kettle fits various quantities of beverages up to 20 oz. depending on the beverage!

  28. Chris Bingham

    Yes, I have used it. It is amazing. I was at North Mountain Brewery and got to try it on an imperial Pilsner and I was hooked. I brew my own beer so it will get tons of use. I am curious to see how my bourbon barrel imperial stout turns out on nitro.

  29. Neel R.

    I got the NitroBrew as a gift a few months ago and could not be happier with the product. I use it primarily for coffee, and even for someone like me who does not typically drink black coffee, the NitroBrew manages to take a couple shots of black espresso and turn it into a beautiful creamy coffee without any sweetener or dairy! It’s been a big hit with my friends as well. The excellent customer service has been the cherry on top – keep it up NB!

  30. Tom O

    I use this system for my mobile coffee stand. It does the trick every time. I mainly NitroBrew coffee, but sometimes tea, too! Great product.

  31. Jordan

    I bought this item because I fell in love with nitro brew coffee but it was costing me a lot of money from stores (2X as much versus regular drip). So I first got into cold brew, then wanted to figure out how to have my own nitro system and I found this one.

    Things I love: No canisters to refill, easy to clean, easy to use. I really liked the tutorial videos they have on youtube to show you how to operate it. I had the space to hook up the compressor and canister without being on a counter which works well. You can use this with more than just coffee, which I find myself doing a lot more nowadays.

    Comparison to nitro coffee at a cafe:
    The taste gets you most of the way there, part of it being the quality of your own cold brew. For the price reduction, I would say it is worth it if you are trying to save money by cold brewing at home. You have a lot more customization of what kinds of additions you can add at home as well. You can also use this with hot coffee, even though it kind of defeats the purpose because heating up a liquid means the gas escapes, but there is still a taste difference. I would find myself making a french press cup, which when done is too hot. I would then put it in the NitroBrew and since it is all steel some of the heat is lost and it comes out ready to drink right away. The unit is designed for cold drinks though.

    Location: The compressor requires power to operate, so depending on where it is located and how much you use it, understand how often you might have to move things back and forth if you have little counter space in your kitchen. The compressor does have a handle to carry it, but just be aware. You could also keep it in another room because the canister itself is easy to carry.

    How is it for beer:
    I tried with several different kinds of beers, and it usually just made the beer more flat and didn’t do what I imagined it should. I think it adds smoothness, but not the same way you would find out of a Guinness can for example. I ended up not using it for beer at all because it just didn’t seem to work for me well enough.

    I find myself using this device a lot for making cocktails. It works just like a shaker but also lets you do nitro drinks, which is something you don’t really find in bars and makes this unique. I’ve done taste tests with friends who can tell the difference (they describe it as more smooth). You can do this with juices and other things to really create something unique at home, and is one of the big pluses of this device.

    I used this for a month or two before I decided to just go all in and get a kegerator hooked up to a nitrogen tank and got a sixth keg of coffee from a local business. This recreates the store experience at home, but is obviously more expensive. What I mean is that this home unit gets you 80 to 90% of the way to an exact store replica of nitro coffee, and for a lot of people that is good enough (and way cheaper).

    Even with owning a kegerator, I still use the NitroBrew to make cocktails and other drinks, so I recommend this product if you want a sustainable and easy way to make your drinks with the smoothness that comes from nitro gas.

  32. Mark

    Loved it, we are using kit for the weekend parties to make our drinks more tasty

  33. Ray B

    We love having one of each size kettle. Awesome product!

  34. Carol H

    I am purchasing my 2nd Single Serve Nitro Brew System for my second home,
    After getting hooked on Starbucks nitro brew with sweet cream @ $5 every day, I am now happily brewing my own and staying home!
    I love this system because I never have to buy expensive cartridges or worry about recycling them.
    The brewer is so easy to use and drinks are every bit as good as Starbucks or any specialty coffee shop.

  35. Mike White

    Great product and even better customer service. I will start with my review of the product. Extremely easy to use, high quality components. I received my kit as a Christmas gift (great gift for my fellow coffee and beer lovers) in 2018. We have used it almost daily everyday since. The compressor is not too loud and doesn’t take up too much counter space. The kettle is easy to handle and big enough handle various amounts of beverages. We have had a lot of fun experimenting with just about every beverage we have on Nitro.

    Now on to the excellent customer service. After close to 2 years of almost daily use my kettle handle broke, I called the customer service number to let them know about the it breaking and to purchase a new kettle. To my surprise I actually was connected to one of the cofounders of the company, we discussed the issue as well as some of the other uses of the system (making homemade whip cream…P.S. it is delicious and has opened up a whole new path to go down with the unit). The Nitrobrew Cre then followed up with me and assisted with my purchase of a new kettle.

    I highly recommend this product and company. They make a great product supported by great people.

  36. Ian Goodman

    These are really amazing systems and we have loved the flexibility of being able to make many different nitro beverages! We have these units (12 and 16oz) in multiple locations, they have held up really well and I highly recommend them.

  37. Wayne Miller

    Love my Nitrobrew!  My first unit was the 12 ounce kettle and I used it for beers. I loved it so much I bought the tap unit to use with my cold brew coffee. All of my friends are impressed with the quality of the beer and coffee the comes out of the systems. The customer service is quick and friendly. If you are in the market for one of these type of units, you cant go wrong with NitroBrew.

  38. Dante

    Love it! Had it for about a year now and I use it every day to make my morning coffee.

  39. Steven Campbell

    Going fantastic, the system works as advertised. I’m using it with my homemade cold brew coffee, I’d venture to say it’s on par if not better than Starbucks!

    Steven Campbell

  40. Bill Bohanon

    Just wanted to say I received my Nitrobrew kit on Friday and we put it to the test this past weekend..I have to say, me and all my friends who tried Nitrobrew were thoroughly impressed with it. I cannot believe just how easy and simple this is..I have been homebrewing for over 5 years and the thing that has kept me OUT of the Nitro game was the tanks/setup/complication of it all. This makes it super simple and the results are outstanding. My Chocolate Milk Stout on Nitrobrew is out of this world and we even added a few drops of peppermint extract to the beer right before we nitrobrewed it and it turned into a thin mint stout.
    Absolutely amazing..I hope this system holds up over time but so far, well worth the money!
    I also gave you a review on the homebrew forums as honestly, this system is brilliant for the homebrewer and I know a lot of the folks like me on this forum that shy away from the joy of Nitro brewing due to the extra hardware needed to run a nitro setup and this system is perfect for them.
    I have been homebrewing for over 5 years and I will be making this system a solid staple in my arsenal of ways to serve my beer to my family and friends.

  41. Michael H

    Bought this system for my business to serve nitro drinks. I thought it would be a great addition and something different. I am thrilled with the purchase. Easy to use and maintain and no parts to replace or buy constantly. Amazing product!

  42. Andrew Isherwood

    I’ve used it a handful of times so far and really liking it. Took me a few tries to figure out how to get a proper seal on the kettle but once I got that it’s working out great. I plan on using it primarily for beer. I’m a home brewer so currently brewing a couple of things that I think will be great on nitro and looking forward to when they’re ready in a few weeks.

  43. Joe Faurote

    Tried just about everything and it works fine so far – coffee, beer, sodas, hot cocoa. Do you have recommendations on how to fill glasses without getting the splash-back, or do you think that’s more a matter of the pressure setting on the compressor? I’m definitely getting a better hang of the pour and I’m looking forward to using it at the farmer’s market for some nitro-brew coffee.

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