Micro Nitro: Inline Nitrogen Infuser

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The Micro Nitro infuser allows you to transform any flat beverage into a smooth and delicious nitrogenated creation. At just over 20 cu. in., it is the most compact inline nitrogen infuser on the market. When you’re looking to achieve that frothy and creamy pour with limited setup time and maintenance, you need our nitro cold brew infuser. Your crew will love the Micro Nitro system and its ease of use.

This NitroBrew nitrogen infuser is a highly versatile solution that you can quickly incorporate into any existing beverage tap. It easily hooks up to a countertop tap or kegerator system and is available in a single and dual setup for multiple beverage channels. You can even utilize multiple infusers for a variety of nitrogenated creations. Whether you’re looking to enhance the taste and pour of your coffee, beer, or other beverage, you can’t go wrong with our industry-leading nitrogen infuser!

You will need a pneumatic pump or a pressurized keg to push your beverage with these nitro infuser systems. We also offer this product equipped with a pneumatic pump at your convenience.

Although you can use a nitrogen cylinder (100% N2) if desired, our nitro infusers (pneumatic version) can be powered by CO2 or normal air compressors (78% N2). With no cartridges to change or cylinders to fill, we are proud to offer sustainable NitroBrew products that are great for your pocket and the environment!

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Arizona residents owe sales tax on their purchases.

Do I Need the Pneumatic Version?

The pneumatic pump provides the power that our infuser requires to efficiently draw your beverage from a container/supply vessel and push it through the line. Our pneumatic version is necessary if your beverage isn’t coming from a pressurized source (e.g., a keg). Simply provide an air compressor) and a drink of your choice, and you’ll be up and running after a simple installation. The air compressor is used to drive the pump as well as for infusion.


Dual tap, Pneumatic version – Dual tap, Pneumatic version – Single tap, Single tap

  1. Nathan D

    I just got a chance to set up the Micro Nitro today, and it’s been great so far! I will order 11 of these shortly!

  2. Tom

    Our whole crew has loved the Micro Nitro system! It has been a major upgrade in beverage quality, ease of use, maintenance and at a reasonable price. Oh yea, and no more filling nitro tanks! I couldn’t praise Nitrobrew enough for this product! In our experience, it worked best to draw straight out of containers rather than kegs

  3. Natalie Van Dusen

    The machine is working great! The Nitro is flowing and the coffee is fantastic. The feedback I was asked to pass along is that the installation was a little more involved than we’d expected. I love that you guys were there and ready to help us out on FaceTime etc, but it might be helpful to send a list of what tools and supplies we should procure prior to install.

  4. Alexandre

    Love my setup with the dual micro nitro. I don’t need to worry about pressurized kegs or cylinders. I use it mostly in my shop but plan to purchase another set for my mobile van. NitroBrew products are well made and customer service is top notch!

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