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Dual μNitro

Dual μNitro


$600 plus $20 ground shipping within contiguous U.S.

NitroBrew’s Dual μNitro (Micro Nitro) for two beverages! Use the Dual μNitro to infuse Nitrogen into two beverages using one product. It has a small foot print and can easily be installed in a cold room, kegerator or refrigerator. At just over 20 cu. in., it is the most compact product on the market to support two nitro taps.

Don’t forget to check out our Single μNitro if you are looking for just one nitro tap option!

For international orders and priority shipping, please contact us. Items ordered using standard shipping typically arrive within 7 days.

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* Zero Consumables. No cartridges to change or cylinders to fill. We offer sustainable products that are great for your pocket and the environment!

Arizona residents owe sales tax on their purchases.

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