NitroBrew Tabletop

Nitro Tabletop Tap System

Cafes and taprooms are continually pushing the boundaries of beverage innovation, and the use of nitrogen is one of the latest trends. NitroBrew is a pioneer in the field, offering a tabletop tap solution that revolutionizes the way establishments incorporate nitrogenated drinks into their menus.

The NitroBrew nitro tap system allows cafes and taprooms to effortlessly provide an array of nitrogenated beverages thanks to its single and dual nitrogen faucet capabilities. Gone are the days of complicated setups — NitroBrew’s nitro brew tap provides a streamlined and innovative solution, utilizing an inline nitrogen infuser to deliver that signature creamy texture and cascading pour. The best part? It’s one of the most cost-effective methods available, making nitro brews accessible for cafes, taprooms, breweries, food trucks or any venue wanting to elevate their drink offerings.

Harnessing the power of air, which is 78% nitrogen, NitroBrew’s system can be easily operated with a standard air compressor, eliminating the need for expensive nitrogen cylinders. This environmentally friendly approach means zero consumables, reducing waste and lowering operational costs. Simply supply your beverage and a gas source, and in minutes, you’ll be ready to serve up nitrogenated perfection with your tap.

No counter space at all in your cafe or shop? No problem. Just check to see if the wall-mount NitroBrew is the right option for you! It has all the features of the Tabletop but can go on a wall and save you precious counter space!


Advantages of Our Tabletop System

Our tabletop system offers numerous advantages in addition to the obvious benefits of a quick and convenient nitro faucet, including:

With its sleek and compact design, our nitro tap faucet seamlessly integrates into any space, whether it’s a bustling cafe or a cozy taproom. Its versatility allows for easy customization, accommodating multiple taps and a variety of beverages to suit your menu.

Highly Configurable & Convenient

Our tabletop nitro tap spout meets the diverse needs of both commercial establishments and home enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re setting up a home nitro tap for your personal enjoyment or outfitting a restaurant, our versatile tabletop system delivers unparalleled convenience. Our taps can seamlessly integrate into any setting, offering the flexibility to infuse nitrogen into a range of still beverages. Serve nitro-infused coffee, beer and more. For ultimate control, we offer configurable faucet options, including a “still” switch, allowing you to toggle nitro infusion on or off as desired. Experience the epitome of versatility and convenience with NitroBrew’s countertop tap system.

**** Please note that you will need to supply a gas source for these systems. You can source a nitrogen cylinder locally or simply use a clean air compressor for a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly option! Contact us to learn more!!
Nitro Brew Tabletop System

Ideal system for your cafe, bar or mobile coffee cart!

Two nitro taps!

Nitro Brew Tabletop Dual

Tabletop – Front View

Single Tap - Nitro Brew Tabletop System

Tabletop – Back View

NitroBrew Tabletop

Tabletop – Side View

Nitro Brew Tabletop - Dual Tap System

Frequently Asked Questions

NitroBrew systems can be connected to an air compressor or a Nitrogen cylinder. Our systems will work with either. Using an air compressor is a clean and sustainable way to serve nitro beverages and is operationally very easy and efficient.


NitroBrew systems can be used with any beverage such as cold brew coffee, black tea, beer or any beverage of your choice.


No, you must provide a chilled beverage or serve the drink over ice. However, we keep adding new product lines, and this could change. Please check with us when you are ready to evaluate these systems to see if we have newer options for you.


In our experience, our systems work best at 60 psig. Talk to us about setting the pressure higher or lower.


We often find that the coffee/tea grounds have deposited into the restrictor plate in the stout tap. We even see this with customers who say they are only using filtered cold brew. Please clean the restrictor plate periodically. Simply unscrew the stout tap end and carefully remove the o-ring, restrictor plate and a flow straightener. Wash them and put them back in the SAME order. You will start to pour nitro again in no time!


This is not common, but we have seen it on occasion. If you have connected it correctly and did not connect the beverage line to the gas line, but still see this issue, please call us at 602-903-2158. We will walk you through the process.


Yes, we provide a switch (at an additional cost of $110) so you can use the same tap on a NitroBrew tabletop unit for still and nitro beverages. Note that the still beverage may have some nitro in the first few ounces of a pour from a previous infusion. The beverage in the tubing will need to be dispensed for a clear, still beverage.


The simplest way to use the system safely is to connect water to the unused taps. Pour off some water to ensure the line is filled to the tap and let it sit. We still recommend regular cleaning of these taps and changing the water regularly.


We recommend between 1.0-1.2 v/v carbonation for beer to be served on nitro. Most beers BEFORE force carbonation (AFTER fermentation) are at this level of carbonation. Higher levels of carbonation can result in unpredictable pours.


Beer gas is needed only with MicroNitro (single or dual) systems. Please refer to the included quick setup guide to verify pressures and mixture settings.


Beer gas is not needed for MicroNitro Pneumatic systems. We recommend connecting pure Nitrogen at 60 psig to infuse into the beverage. The keg counter-pressure must be pure CO2. The CO2 must be maintained at a pressure appropriate to hold in 1-1.2 v/v of carbonation at the beer temperature.


For non-carbonated products, the infusion may be turned up too high, resulting in a big head of foam in the pour. For carbonated products, the infusion may be turned up too high, or the carbonation in the beverage may be too high. We recommend 1-1.2 v/v carbonation in a beverage to achieve consistent, controlled nitro pours. Any higher carbonation can result in too much foam or inconsistent nitro infusion.


The chemistry of the beverage plays a crucial role in determining whether it does well on nitro. Light bodied beverages (mild teas, light coffees, some sodas etc.) do not have the necessary foam positive elements to hold in the infusion long enough. We recommend additives or switching to a full-bodied beverage to achieve the classic nitro pour.


At this time, we do not recommend using the inline systems to package your nitro beverage. Don’t hesitate to ask us about QuantiPerm’s Inline systems for packaging and production equipment. More information can be found at, or you can call us at 602-903-2158.


NitroBrew systems can draw a beverage from any container, even kegs. You can connect the beverage inlet to the appropriate keg coupler, and the system will draw and infuse product. Please ensure there are no leaks or loose fittings on the keg that can send air into the beverage in hose.


We recommend using 100% nitrogen to counter-pressure the keg. Typically, a small bleed of gas is sufficient to keep the coffee fresh. We recommend a maximum of 5 psig counter-pressure on the keg while connected to the inline systems.