Nitrogen Kegerator Systems

Equipping your business with a nitrogen kegerator from NitroBrew allows you to quickly & consistently produce your very own nitro-infused creations. The growing popularity of nitro beverages in cafes and diners across the globe is proving to be a great way to bring in new customers.

Nitro brew kegerators produce robust and reliable results with low-maintenance operation. It all starts with drawing your desired beverage from its supply container, infusing it with nitrogen on the fly, and then dispensing it on-demand. Simply supply your beverage and a gas source, and you’ll be crafting quality nitro creations in no time!

A Nitro Kegerator System You Can Rely on

Once the kegerator tap system is set up correctly, the operation is just as simple as pulling on the tap handle and filling the serving glass. Combined with an efficient fluid dynamic design, these systems offer near 100% gas-dissolution efficiency in a small footprint.

All our nitro products are built with high quality materials that comply with FDA food-contact regulations. This means they’re engineered to the highest safety standards and feature smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and sanitization.

Custom Kegerator Solutions

Enjoy a complete nitro coffee kegerator with inline nitrogen infusers built into it. You can choose any number of taps that will draw your beverage from any source inside the kegerator. If you choose to use a pressurized keg, we will simply install the infuser without a pneumatic pump.

If you already own a kegerator, all you’ll need is the micro nitro with a pneumatic pump which will pull the beverage through the system and infuse on demand.

If you don’t have a kegerator tap already, we recommend our NitroBrew tabletop system with single or dual taps. This way, you can set up a custom draft solution by supplying your own chilled beverage and gas source.