Nitro Brew Kegerator System

Nitro Brew Kegerator Systems:

Complete kegerator systems

NitroBrew can provide full kegerator systems with our infusers installed inside the kegerator. These systems will have space to chill your beverage and the micro nitro infuser infuses any beverage with nitrogen (or any other gas of choice) on demand. The NitroBrew system draws the beverage from the supply container, infuses it with nitrogen on the fly, and dispenses it on-demand. Just provide your beverage and the gas, and we’ll handle the rest for you. If you choose to use air instead of nitrogen, you can use ambient air for infusion and not have to bother with buying and managing gas cylinders.

There are numerous possibilities beyond simple nitrogen infusion. For example, you can also use carbon dioxide and make your own sodas on demand. If you are a brewer, you can now just carbonate your beer as you dispense it to your customers. You can also dispense your primary beer as a nitro style beer on demand. The possibilities are almost endless, just like our single serve systems.

As with QuantiPerm’s (our parent company) xFlowCO2 commercial carbonation and nitrogenation systems, the NitroBrew infusion system is robust, reliable and requires very little maintenence. Combined with efficient fluid dynamic design, these modular NitroBrew inline infusers feature near 100% gas-dissolution efficiency in a small foot print. In practice, what this means is that our systems are not finicky and require little maintenance and work for you for years to come.

Once the system is set up with the supply beverage, gas source, and power connections, the operation is just as simple as pulling on the tap handle and filling the serving glass. Simply supply cold brew coffee in a keg or any container, yes even an open container and let the NitroBrew infuser do its magic. Simply pull on the tap for a smooth, creamy nitro beverage!

Summary of different inline nitro infusion options!

A complete system that includes the kegerator with the built-in nitro infuser. You can choose up to 8 nitro taps.We will install the nitro infusers inside the kegerator to draw your beverage from any source. Pressurized kegs are NOT needed. If you choose to use pressurized kegs, you can simply install the single or dual micro nitro infuser. The choice is yours to make!

If you already have a kegerator, you can simply install the micro nitro infuser, pneumatic inside your kegerator.. You can supply a nitrogen gas source (air or nitrogen cylinder) and the infuser will do the rest and dispense a classic nitro every time.

The NitroBrew Tabletop system with one or two taps mounted on a black panel makes serving nitro a breeze. This allows you to serve nitro beverages on demand at events, fairs, conferences, or anywhere. You can also use it in mobile trucks and carts. Makes it easy to serve nitro beverages anywhere.

This is an 8 tap nitro system with 4 dual micro nitro systems installed in a kegerator. Supply your beverage (cold brew, teas etc) in any container. Only the beverage being served is drawn, infused with nitrogen or air and dispensed. Rest of the beverage is left untouched. No pressurized kegs needed!

Small Nitro Infuser Dual

Dual micro nitro mounted on a stainless steel plate that can go right into your kegerator, back room or anywhere you choose to mount! No pressurized kegs needed!

Dual Tap Nitro Brew Tabletop System

NitroBrew tabletop system with one or two nitro taps! Ideal for counter top, small spaces, mobile coffee carts or for your home bar or kitchen! No pressurized kegs needed!

You can also choose to use nitrogen or air with all NitroBrew systems! In either case you will see the classic nitro cascading and a smooth, creamy texture of your nitro beverage. Please note that keeping your product supply vessel under counter-pressure is optional. However, if you keep it under counter pressure your beverage will stay fresh longer. Depending on the type of product and how quickly you dispense the product in your bar or cafe, it may or may not be a real issue. We recommend a CO2 counter pressure on the keg for beer. For beverages without any CO2, it is perfectly fine to use air for a clean sustainable nitro option!

The system is built with materials that comply with all applicable food-contact regulations (FDA) and engineered to sanitary standards featuring smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and sanitization.

Inline Nitro Brew System