Nitro Coffee Kegerators

Inline Nitro Brew System

Looking for a great nitro coffee kegerator for your home or business? Having nitro cold brew on tap whenever you want it is great, but it requires you to invest in some nitrogen-infusing gear. Finding the right setup is key. Start by asking yourself the right questions. Then you can find the best nitro cold brew coffee maker for your home or business!

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Nitro Coffee Keg

Where will I be using the nitrogen coffee keg? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to making nitrogen cold brew. One of the most important factors in determining which solution is right for you is knowing where and how you want to use it. If this is a set up for your business, then you’ll want to invest in a commercial-grade nitro coffee keg. What kind of business you have may play a part in the decision, too. For instance, a food truck may prefer a tabletop system while a high-end coffee shop might want an inline nitrogen system. Of course, if you are looking to bring the rich smooth taste of nitro cold brew home, then you’ll want to find something that’s more compact. 

How often do I expect to use the nitro coffee keg? 

Frequency of use will play a role in your decision, too. If you plan on making yourself or your family a nitrogen cold brew once a day, then a kettle system might be the best bet. These systems allow you to create nitrogen coffee without the need for nitrogen tanks or cartridges. Plus, you can put everything away in the cupboard when not in use. However, if you plan on making dozens of cups per day in your high-end coffee shop, then a nitro cold brew keg system might be the better option. These can keep your cold brew charged for longer periods of time, ready to pour whenever a customer wants one. Plus, many nitro coffee keg systems allow you to pull either charged or regular cold brew. 

How much money do I want to spend now and in the future? 

The cost of nitro coffee kegerators and other systems varies as widely as the systems themselves. You’ll want to think about your budget before you start shopping. You can spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a set-up. If it’s for your home use, you might want to keep it to the low end of the scale. However, don’t go too cheap. Cheaper nitro systems have issues with leaking and parts that wear out quickly. You’ll get more frustration out of them then you will nitro coffee.

The same goes for your commercial nitro coffee kegerator. Think about how much you want to invest in your system by evaluating the demand you have from your customers. The popularity of this beverage gives you a good chance that a system will quickly pay for itself. But don’t end up spending so much that you can’t make it a profitable part of your business. 

Best Nitro Coffee Kegerator Options

NitroBrew Solutions

It’s true that NitroBrew systems aren’t classic nitro coffee keg set-ups. But they are definitely worth your consideration. These systems use air compressors to charge the cold brew with nitrogen gas. That means you don’t have to pay for additional tanks or other consumables. Everything you need for life is in the box for one price. Plus, it’s as easy to use a pressing a button or pulling a tap. There are customizable options, too, so you can get the number of taps, size of the tank, and charging options you need. There are even good kettle solutions for home use.

Is NitroBrew Good for Home Use?

  • Offers various system options, from kettles to tabletop systems
  • One-time investment can save you from paying coffee shop prices for nitro cold brew. 
  • Packs away in the cupboard when not in use, so it won’t clutter your countertops. 

Is NitroBrew Good for Commercial Use?

  • No need to purchase consumables, making it more affordable and more eco-friendly. 
  • Customization options so you can create a system that’s a perfect fit for your business. 
  • High-quality parts that will stand the test of time and last for years.

Cold Brew Kegerators

If you’ve ever used a kegerator for beer, then you’ll be familiar with this set-up. Kegerators look like small refrigerators (hence the name) with taps on top. On the back, you’ll find a nitrogen tank that’s used to charge the cold brew coffee. You can customize the size of the keg inside, so you can keep a lot of cold brew on tap at all times. These

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