Nitro Caramel Brown Sugar Iced Latte – Nitro Home Brew

Nitro Caramel Brown Sugar Iced Latte

Prepare Nitro Mocha Cold Brew at Home

Today, we would like to share a Nitro Mocha Cold Brew recipe. Making the most of the comforting fall flavor in this delicious nitro-iced latte! All you need are three simple ingredients!

Try the drink by infusing Nitro from the air using NitroBrew Home Kit. With this kit, you can make any beverage nitro beverage in under a minute. The best part is there are no consumables and it is a clean and sustainable nitro option for home or business!

Ingredients :

6 oz cold brew coffee

2 tsp caramel sauce

3 oz brown sugar creamer

And NitroBrew 16oz Home Kit.



You can go through below steps or simply check the recipe video on NitroBrew Youtube Channel

Step 1:- Add the coffee and caramel sauce to the NitroBrew kettle.

Step 2:- Lock the lid in place, charge with nitrogen, and shake well for 10-15 seconds.

Step 3:- Dispense into your iced-filled glass and top with the brown sugar creamer. Enjoy!

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