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Nitro Brew Beverage Market

Nitro Brew Beverage Market

Nitro Beverage Market

Nitro Brew is here to stay!

There is no slowing down when it comes to the nitro beverage market. P & S Intelligence tells us that the global nitro infused beverages market size stood at around $69.17 million in 2021, and is expected to reach $366.07 million by 2030. Wow! North America is currently the leader when it comes to the highest market revenues, Europe comes in at a close second.

Millennials are largely responsible for the rise in nitro infused beverages, as this generational group is one that is expected to drive both development and growth in the nitro beverage market. Currently, ready to drink canned nitro beverages are high in demand due to their offerings – low calorie, natural ingredients, sophisticated flavors.

Nitro Beverages

Why are nitro beverages getting so popular? According to Business Wire, a major factor driving the nitro-infused beverages market is the change in consumer preference and the growing demand for newer products in the market. The fact that consumers are also willing to spend more money in order to enjoy the superior taste of nitro infusion, as well as experience the enjoyable mouthfeel of their favorite infused beverage, tells us nitro-infused beverages are here to stay.

Today’s beverage consumers are simply more interested in choosing beverages that promote their overall good health.

Popular Nitro Infused Beverages

Below are some of the more popular nitro beverages consumers are choosing to drink nowadays.

  • Coffee – When it comes to nitro infused beverages, nitro coffee is the definitive leader. While hot nitro infused coffee is very popular, there is a rising demand for cold brew nitro coffee.
  • BeerNitro infused beer gives the beer a very thick foam, as well as supports a very smooth texture. Yum!
  • Soda – Nitro infused soda offers consumers distinct flavors and noticeable textures.
  • TeaNitro infused tea was introduced in 2017 and is continuing to rise in popularity on a worldwide basis.
  • Cocktails – Nitro infused cocktails are extremely popular as they not only improve the consistency, they also enhance the aromatics of the cocktail.

United States Generating Highest Revenue in the Nitro Beverages Market

The main reason why the United States is currently generating the highest revenue in the nitro beverage market? Because beverage processing companies are investing in multiple research and development operations so that they can confidently launch the new nitro beverage products today’s consumers want. The rising spending power of millennials has created a great demand for nitro infused drinks, causing market growth to increase much more quickly.

International Nitro Beverages Market

When it comes to international nitro infused beverages, the European market leads the way. Germany has boasting rights when it comes to the largest revenue share, which is based on the fact that nitro infused beverages are more commonly consumed in Germany. France is next, which also holds a significant share of revenue in the market. Reasons attributed to Germany and France having such a large market share? Changing customer preferences, changing customer lifestyles, an increase in purchasing power by growing populations, and the fact that both countries include state-of-the-art infrastructures for supporting high productivity. Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom also have a high market share when it comes to selling ready to drink nitro beverages in Europe.

The Asia Pacific area is next in popularity, mainly due to its increasing middle-class population. This has led to an increase in disposable income for people living in this area, which has in turn created an increase in the demand for ready to drink beverages. Listed in order from most market shares to the least – China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Where Nitro Beverages Are Most Popular

The majority of people who consume nitro infused beverages will purchase them in a supermarket, hypermarket, convenience store, or online store. While nitro beverages are also served in restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, pubs, and bars, more consumers are now choosing to buy ready to drink nitro beverages.

Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the leaders when it comes to the most popular places consumers are purchasing their nitro infused beverages. Supermarkets make it extremely easy for nitro beverage lovers to easily shop for their preferred nitro beverage.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are next, with many nitro beverage processing companies opening up their own specialty nitro infused convenience stores, brick and mortar and online, to make it even easier for their consumers to shop.

Online Stores

As online stores, like Amazon, are beginning to experience a dramatic increase in their nitro infused beverage sales, current predictions are that online stores are expected to be one of the more popular ways consumers are buying their nitro beverages over the next few years.

On-Demand Nitro Infusion

Artisanal cafes are also all the rage right now all over the world when it comes to ordering the most creative nitro drinks. In fact, many cafés are creating signature drinks using their very own nitro coffee machine! Many coffee lovers enjoy visiting their local cafés to enjoy a cup of the best nitro cold brew coffee possible, which can only be made with the best nitro cold brew coffee maker. While many consumers enjoy the convenience of picking up a canned nitro beverage from their local grocery store, NitroBrew makes it possible for any establishment to create and serve fresh on demand nitro drinks. Yum!

Selling Nitro Beverages

Interested in selling nitro infused beverages? Both small and large beverage processing companies that want a piece of the nitro beverage selling market are now looking into their options when it comes to introducing innovative beverage products that appeal to consumers all around the world. As more of today’s consumers are looking into healthy beverage options, smaller beverage processing companies are more likely to be successful than larger companies due to their focus on producing healthy beverage options for today’s health-oriented consumers.

As the nitro beverage market continues to grow, it is essential for anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the nitro beverage market to take the necessary steps now to claim their space. The fact that ready to drink nitro infused beverages are new, innovative, healthy, and delicious makes them in great demand. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start experiencing great success!

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