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Are you someone who serves coffee to today’s coffee drinkers? If you are, then you understand the importance of looking for new ways to help your consumers truly enjoy drinking their favorite cup of cold brew coffee. Or maybe you own a beverage processing business? More people than ever are purchasing ready to drink nitro cold brew coffee in cans, making this a great addition to your other beverage offerings.

Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee is a new trend that is definitely here to stay. Nitrogen is simply ideal when it comes to improving the overall taste, texture, and even presentation of cold brew coffee.

Read on to learn more about how nitrogen can be used to enhance the flavor of cold brew coffee drinks!

Cold Brew Coffee

Many coffee lovers enjoy drinking cold brew coffee because it tends to be less acidic and less bitter when compared to a cup of hot brewed coffee. A cup of cold brew coffee therefore tends to be crisp, light, and refreshing, as well as smoother and sweeter than hot. This is the main reason why cold brew is currently the preferred method of drinking coffee for both millennials and generation Z.

Good Body Coffee

A coffee’s body refers to its overall texture. A good body coffee will be strong, and have a nice weight or fullness to it that allows the consumer to enjoy as they sip. The viscosity should be one that allows the drinker to experience a pleasant creaminess as they drink. Basically, if the coffee has a good body, it will do great on nitro!

Coffee Beans

Choosing the right coffee beans is one of the most important parts of creating a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. Medium roast and dark roast coffees tend to be the best options for making cold brew. Some of the more popular flavors and aromas include citrus, caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut.

Types Of Cold Brew

There are two main types of cold brew coffee – regular cold brew and nitro cold brew.

Regular Cold Brew Method

Why does cold brew coffee taste so good? The regular cold brew method plays a large role in both the taste and overall quality of a cup of cold brew coffee. While cold brew coffee is not difficult to make, it does take time. The process needs to be done perfectly in order to create a perfect cup of cold brew coffee – place freshly ground coffee beans in a container (1 to 4 ratio), fill it with room temperature water, and let sit for 18 to 24 hours.

Nitro Cold Brew Method

How to make nitro coffee? The nitro cold brew coffee-making method uses the regular cold brew method to start and then passes nitrogen through the coffee to make the magic happen. The result is a sweeter and creamier cold brew that offers cold coffee lovers a more robust flavor. Special equipment must be used in order to properly infuse the cold brew with the nitrogen gas. At NitroBrew, we offer different types of nitro coffee machines for you to choose from. We offer a variety of nitro products because we understand there are different needs for different establishments, including those who want to experiment when it comes to serving unique nitro drinks! Know that nitro brew on tap is especially popular these days. Depending on the size of your restaurant, cafe, or bar, will help determine the exact type of nitro brew equipment you need. The fact that most establishments use the regular cold brew method means that establishments using the nitro cold brew method will definitely stand out!

Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew

Nitro coffee is not only here to stay, it is predicted to continue in its popularity through the next seven years. When cold brew coffee is nitrogenated, it energizes the cold brew, meaning anyone who consumes can expect delicious results. Choosing to infuse cold brew coffee using nitrogenation allows coffee lovers to experience all new flavors and all new aromas when consuming their favorite cup of cold brew. Nice!

Nitro cold brew coffee is:

  • lower in calories when compared to lattes or other flavored coffees
  • sweeter without the need to use any sugars
  • a safe drinking option for those who are sensitive to dairy products
  • lower in acidity, making it the preferred cold brew option for those with sensitive stomachs

Bottom Line

Whether you own a business and serve cold brew coffee to your customers, or are in the beverage processing business, offering your customers nitro cold brew options will definitely help you stand out from the competition.

Or maybe you want an at-home nitro brew system so you can enjoy nitro coffee at home for you, your family, and your friends? Whatever your needs are, we can help you set up your very own NitroBrew system. One of the many perks of owning an at home NitroBrew system is that it is a very sustainable way for you to create and make your own nitro beverages. We even made it easier by eliminating the need for using bulky nitrogen cylinders. There is also no longer a need to use pressurized kegs. This is why NitroBrew has the reputation of being the no-fuss nitro option for your business!

Nitro infused beverages are extremely popular nowadays, especially among the younger generations who enjoy exploring new and exciting beverage options!

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