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How NitroBrew Works

How It Works

For beer lovers, it just might be science’s magnum opus.
The patented NitroBrew system energizes beer with nitrogen while reducing carbonation. It’s a simple process with delicious results. All in under a minute with minimal setup and equipment.
Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen bubbles are extremely tiny and extremely stable. They remain trapped as a tight, creamy head of foam. It makes for an artful presentation – straight off a magazine cover.
The benefits go way beyond appearance. The nitrogen bubbles roll around on the palate to provide a silky mouthfeel. A reduced carbonation bite and a well-rounded flavor combine to create a unique and delightful beer-drinking experience.

Why is NitroBrew better than pre-nitrogenated beers?
The precise balance of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in a nitrogenated beer determines the experience. Unfortunately, that balance changes a lot during transportation and storage.

Why? The two gasses react to temperature changes differently. Warming will remove nitrogen from beer, and cooling will increase carbon dioxide. Changes in pressure and gas composition likewise impact the levels of dissolved gas in the beer.

You get the picture. It’s impossible for a brewer to control the quality of a nitrogenated beer after it leaves the brewery. Think of the number of times you had a flat beer with no foam when you ordered nitro beer? NitroBrew takes out all the guesswork. You get a dependable mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide with every pour.

Best of all, you can now convert any beer into nitro beer with NitroBrew. Furthermore, NitroBrew works great with coldbrew coffee, tea, root beer, fruit juices or any beverage you fancy. Checkout our youtube channel for videos on how both home and commercial users use NitroBrew!