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How NitroBrew Works

How It Works

For nitro beverage lovers, it just might be science’s magnum opus.
The patented NitroBrew system energizes any beverage with nitrogen. For beer and other carbonated beverages, it also reduces carbonation while infusing nitrogen. It’s a simple process with delicious results. All in under a minute with minimal setup and equipment.

NitroBrew product offerings:

Single Serve Kettle Systems for home and commercial use:
These systems let you make one serving at a time. You can use a 12oz or 16oz home kit for home use or use a 12oz or 16oz commercial bundle at you cafe, bar or any business!

Nitro Tap Systems:
You can install our infusion module in your existing kegerator to start serving nitro or checkout our standalone Tabletop system. These don't require any pressurized kegs. If used with an air compressor, you don't have any consumables either. All our systems work with air compressor or a 100% nitrogen source.
Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen bubbles are extremely tiny and extremely stable. They remain trapped as a tight, creamy head of foam. It makes for an artful presentation – straight off a magazine cover.
The benefits go way beyond appearance. The nitrogen bubbles roll around on the palate to provide a silky mouthfeel and create a unique and delightful drinking experience.