Food Truck Phenomenon

We at NitroBrew have found some of the most hard working and creative folks in the food truck business. We consider them real entrepreneurs who have taken great risks to make their dream come true. Usually, it is a family business and together they make a big impact in the community. We are fortunate to play a small role in this phenomenon. NitroBrew helps food trucks provide unique offerings to customers.

According to a recent report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, revenue earned from food truck operations in the United States has more than tripled over the last three years. In 2014, total food truck revenue clocked in at $650 million. In 2017, the estimated revenue reached $2.3 billion.

Though food trucks still represent a small percentage of the national restaurant industry, which sees $799 billion in sales annually, these mobile food and drink purveyors have seen steady growth over the past decade. According to the recent report, by the end of 2016 there were nearly 4,000 trucks operating around the country, employing more than 13,500 people.

As this growth continues and as new food trucks and mobile carts continue sprouting up on city streets, it’s becoming increasingly important for existing operations to set themselves apart from their competitors. But food trucks often have limited resources meaning they must find unique ways to draw in customers without expelling ample resources. And what’s more, they have to do all of this in a small space.

“In the food truck industry, it’s important that you have something that makes people interested and want to follow you everywhere you go,” says Angela Vannett, co-owner of Pura Vida Grinds, a mobile Costa Rican coffee cart operating in Arizona. “There are lots of mobile coffee businesses these days so we try and stand out with our delicious imported coffee, high quality ingredients and a menu that offers the most incredible tasting nitro creations.” @puravidagrinds

One of the ways trucks like Pura Vida Grinds are adding new offerings for customers is through NitroBrew. We offer a system that lets users infuse nitrogen into any beverage at the point of service. In the past, nitrogen-infused drinks had to be made in advance and stored in pre-nitrogenated kegs and bottles that require special taps, but with NitroBrew users can make one serving at a time. NitroBrew can be used with beer, coffee, tea, root beer, fruit juices and more to make smooth and creamy drinks.

Pura Vida Grinds has been using NitroBrew at its mobile coffee cart since March of last year. The company says being able to offer nitro drinks to customers helps them stand out from their competitors.

“We wanted to use NitroBrew right away because we loved the taste of nitro and because we knew it would set us apart from those who didn’t have it,” Vannett says. “The use of nitro in cold brew, specialty drinks and teas is growing in popularity right now so it’s a great addition to our menu and what we are able to offer to our customers.”

With NitroBrew, Pura Vida Grinds can create the kinds of creamy and frothy beverages that usually require the use of milk or other dairy substitutes.

“The product is well built and easy to use. The drink creations are nearly endless and they offer a variety of products for everyone,” Vannett says. “It’s awesome since we have such a small trailer and would ordinarily not have enough room for a full inline system, but since they have the single serve kettle, we are able to pour delicious nitro drinks just like the bigger coffee spots.”

The compact nature of the NitroBrew system was a major draw for Pura Vida Grinds. It was also a main selling point for another Arizona-based coffee cart, Pour Jo Coffee.

“What I really like about NitroBrew is it takes up very little space,” says Pour Jo co-owner David Martinez. “Everything’s done at the time of serving so it gives you more flexibility to offer variations to your customers.” @PourJoCoffee

NitroBrew’s single serve systems are small enough to be used in the home, making them a perfect fit for food trucks and mobile carts. Our kits include a charging station and a 12 oz. kettle. A commercial kit option includes three kettles, ideal for use in the food industry. And all options come with and without compressors. For more information, contact us here.

Author: Rebecca Nuttall

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