Nitro Coffee for any business!

Nitrogen affects three main things in coffee like any other beverage infused with nitrogen. These are taste, texture and presentation. Nitrogen is a transparent, odorless gas, that can be infused into coffee to produce a foamy, caffeinated beverage known as nitro coffee. No cream or dairy required. It’s a completely different delightful coffee experience.

NitroBrew is available for coffee shops, cafes, bars or any business looking to offer elevated experience to customers. It is a small investment that pays for itself very quickly.

NitroBrew helps you bring this experience right to your cafe, tasting room, kitchen or home bar.

NitroBrew Single serve cold brew coffee
Nitro Coffee at Home
Dual Tap - Nitro Brew Tabletop System

You can now make nitro coffee from the comfort of your home, one cup at a time. Usually using the NitroBrew systems with black coffee is enough to get a nice creamy head on cold brew coffee without any dairy/milk. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also add sweeteners before charging with nitrogen.

Businesses that are really limited on space or boutique businesses looking to personalize drinks (think signature drinks!) for customers,  be sure to check out our single-serve commercial bundle options.

NitroBrew can be used with an oil free air compressor or a nitrogen cylinder. Since air is 78% nitrogen we bundle the air compressor with the home kit. So there are no consumables: no cartridges to change or cylinders to fill.

We encourage creativity and experimentation and believe the baristas, bartenders and mixologists out there need all the flexibility to come up with new recipes.

Please checkout videos on our youtube channel for recipes!