Nitro Infused Coffee

Nitro Coffee for any business!

Nitro infused coffee has taken the caffeinated world by storm, quickly establishing itself as a ubiquitous presence in coffee shops worldwide. What once began as a unique trend has evolved into a phenomenon, captivating baristas and coffee aficionados alike. With its visually stunning presentation and luxurious mouthfeel, nitro coffee offers a tantalizing departure from traditional brews.

Nitro infused coffee delivers a creamy texture without the need for dairy has garnered widespread acclaim. As the demand for these innovative beverages continues to surge, nitro brew coffee establishes itself as a consistent part of modern coffee culture. It comes as no surprise that cafes, coffee shops and restaurants are embracing nitrogen coffee and the benefits it brings their businesses. Many are incorporating it into their daily menus in various ways, including nitro infused cold brews and more.

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What Is Nitro Coffee?

In the simplest terms, nitrogen coffee is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. Typically served from a tap or canned, nitro cold brew boasts unique characteristics compared to standard coffee. Tiny nitrogen bubbles impart a smooth and velvety mouthfeel, elevating the texture and enhancing the depth of flavor of the drink.

There are a few ways nitrogen cold brew differs from your regular cup of cold brew. While it’s very safe to consume, nitro cold brew is commonly understood as a “supercharged” enhancement to standard coffee. This is because cold brew coffee typically contains more caffeine than a standard cup of joe, and it is believed that infusing coffee with nitrogen gas helps the body process caffeine. Additionally, nitrogen coffee is famous for its “cascading” bubbles that offer a beautiful presentation and foamy head.

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew

Thanks to the advancement of brewing technology, you can easily make nitro coffee at home or at any commercial storefront. Many nitro cold brews are commonly poured directly from a tap system that involves directly infusing the drink before it’s served. While the preferred method varies among users, smaller scale infusion can be accomplished with single serve home kits. While there are numerous nitro coffee machines that can accomplish this, only NitroBrew’s inventory provides a quality, long-term setup with zero consumables.

Are you learning how to make nitro coffee? We encourage creativity and experimentation and believe the baristas, bartenders and mixologists out there need all the flexibility to come up with new recipes.

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