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Nitro Brew Drink

Rise of all drinks, Nitro!

Innovative and Bold: The Rise of Nitro Pepsi and Nitro Brew in the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry has recently seen a surge in innovation, with companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and introducing new and exciting products like nitro brews.  These bold new products are not only delicious, but they’re also changing how we think about carbonated beverages. With the popularity of Nitro Pepsi and the opportunities NitroBrew brings to the beverage industry, the benefits of including these two in stores and on menus have profitable implications. In this article, we’ll look closer at the rise of Nitro Pepsi and nitro brew beverages to explore why they’re quickly becoming the go-to drinks for those looking for something different.

The Science Behind Nitro Infusion

Nitro infusion in beverages is a process that involves adding nitrogen gas to the liquid. This process creates smaller bubbles than those found in carbon dioxide, which results in a creamy and level texture.  Nitrogen is less soluble than carbon dioxide, so it doesn’t dissolve as easily in liquid. As a result, the nitrogen bubbles are smaller and create a mellow texture. Nitrogen is also less acidic than carbon dioxide, which makes the drink less carbonated and more velvety. Nitro infusion is achieved by forcing nitrogen gas into the liquid under high pressure – a process easily achieved with our NitroBrew taps. NitroBrew introduced a nitro cold brew machine that infuses the nitrogen gas from the natural air we breathe. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen. This enables you to save money and make it a clean and sustainable way to make nitro beverages. Nitro infusion is not limited to just sodas and beers, however. It can also be used in coffee, tea, and other beverages. The process of nitro infusion has been around for a while, but only recently has it gained popularity in the beverage industry.

The History of Nitro Infusion in the Beverage Industry

The history of Nitro infusion in the beverage industry can be traced back to the 1930s when nitrogen was first used in the brewing of Guinness. The nitrogen infusion process was initially used to reduce the beer’s bitterness and create a smoother texture. Nitrogen also creates the frothy head-on beer, a Guinness hallmark. Nitrogen infusion in beverages remained largely limited to beer until the 21st century, when coffee shops started to experiment with nitro infusion in coffee.  With a 904% menu increase over the last four years, it’s becoming one of the trendiest drinks available very quickly. Cafes nationwide are adding nitro options to their cold brew lineup, and with such a steady increase, nitro drinks are here to stay.

Benefits of Nitro Infusion in Beverages

Nitro infusion in beverages offers several benefits. The first benefit is the texture it creates. The smaller bubbles created by nitro infusion result in a mellow and less carbonated drink. This texture is especially appealing in beverages like coffee and tea, where the bitterness can be reduced, and the flavors can be enhanced. Another benefit of nitro infusion is the reduction in acidity.  Nitrogen is less acidic than carbon dioxide, meaning nitro-infused beverages are smoother and less harsh on the stomach. This reduction in acidity makes nitro-infused beverages a popular choice among those who suffer from acid reflux or other digestive issues. Nitro infusion can also help preserve the flavor and quality of the beverage.  The smaller bubbles that are created by Nitro infusion help to prevent the drink from going flat too quickly. This preservation of flavor and quality is especially important in carbonated beverages like soda and beer.

Nitro Pepsi vs Regular Pepsi – Taste Test

Nitro Pepsi is a newer product than regular Pepsi, and as a result, there has been some curiosity about how it tastes compared to the original.  Nitro Pepsi is a creamier and milder version of regular Pepsi, with a velvety mouthfeel that sets it apart.  >The smaller nitrogen bubbles create a texture that is less carbonated and more refreshing than regular Pepsi. The flavor of Nitro Pepsi is similar to regular Pepsi, but the creaminess and smoothness make it a more appealing choice for a richer drinking experience. Pepsi Co was a customer of NitroBrew single serve system for years. Although they never revealed the launch of nitro pepsi, we were told that NitroBrew was being used for experimenting and coming up with drink menu options! We are proud to have played a be a part of their success of nitro pepsi!

The Future of Nitro-Infused Beverages

Nitro infusion in beverages is a popular trend in the beverage industry, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers are drawn to the unique and innovative aspects of nitro-infused beverages, and they appreciate the light and silky texture that they offer. One area where Nitro-infused beverages could see growth is in the DIY market.  NitroBrew understands this growing trend and offers a variety of nitro products. With the popularity of nitro drinks in the market, there are different needs for different establishments, including those who want to experiment with unique nitro drinks at home. With the popularity of nitro-infusion in beverages, there is a growing interest in creating nitro-infused beverages at home.  As the popularity of Nitro-infused beverages grows, we’ll likely see more options for consumers who want to create their own Nitro-infused drinks.


Nitro infusion in beverages is a trend taking the beverage industry by storm.  Products like Nitro Pepsi and NitroBrew coffee and beer are changing how we think about carbonated beverages, offering a rich and polished texture that sets them apart from traditional sodas and beers.  Nitrogen infusion offers several benefits, including a reduction in acidity, a smoother texture, and the preservation of flavor and quality.  As the trend grows, we can expect to see more establishments introducing nitro-infused beverages into their lineups and more consumers experimenting with nitro-infused beverages at home using NitroBrew home kits and creative bartenders and cafes will dedicate more taps to serve creamy nitro beverages and we think that would be just a fine idea!  
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Nitro Brew Coffee

New Coffee trends

Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee


Are you someone who serves coffee to today’s coffee drinkers? If you are, then you understand the importance of looking for new ways to help your consumers truly enjoy drinking their favorite cup of cold brew coffee. Or maybe you own a beverage processing business? More people than ever are purchasing ready to drink nitro cold brew coffee in cans, making this a great addition to your other beverage offerings.

Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee is a new trend that is definitely here to stay. Nitrogen is simply ideal when it comes to improving the overall taste, texture, and even presentation of cold brew coffee.

Read on to learn more about how nitrogen can be used to enhance the flavor of cold brew coffee drinks!

Cold Brew Coffee

Many coffee lovers enjoy drinking cold brew coffee because it tends to be less acidic and less bitter when compared to a cup of hot brewed coffee. A cup of cold brew coffee therefore tends to be crisp, light, and refreshing, as well as smoother and sweeter than hot. This is the main reason why cold brew is currently the preferred method of drinking coffee for both millennials and generation Z.

Good Body Coffee

A coffee’s body refers to its overall texture. A good body coffee will be strong, and have a nice weight or fullness to it that allows the consumer to enjoy as they sip. The viscosity should be one that allows the drinker to experience a pleasant creaminess as they drink. Basically, if the coffee has a good body, it will do great on nitro!

Coffee Beans

Choosing the right coffee beans is one of the most important parts of creating a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. Medium roast and dark roast coffees tend to be the best options for making cold brew. Some of the more popular flavors and aromas include citrus, caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut.

Types Of Cold Brew

There are two main types of cold brew coffee – regular cold brew and nitro cold brew.

Regular Cold Brew Method

Why does cold brew coffee taste so good? The regular cold brew method plays a large role in both the taste and overall quality of a cup of cold brew coffee. While cold brew coffee is not difficult to make, it does take time. The process needs to be done perfectly in order to create a perfect cup of cold brew coffee – place freshly ground coffee beans in a container (1 to 4 ratio), fill it with room temperature water, and let sit for 18 to 24 hours.

Nitro Cold Brew Method

How to make nitro coffee? The nitro cold brew coffee-making method uses the regular cold brew method to start and then passes nitrogen through the coffee to make the magic happen. The result is a sweeter and creamier cold brew that offers cold coffee lovers a more robust flavor. Special equipment must be used in order to properly infuse the cold brew with the nitrogen gas. At NitroBrew, we offer different types of nitro coffee machines for you to choose from. We offer a variety of nitro products because we understand there are different needs for different establishments, including those who want to experiment when it comes to serving unique nitro drinks! Know that nitro brew on tap is especially popular these days. Depending on the size of your restaurant, cafe, or bar, will help determine the exact type of nitro brew equipment you need. The fact that most establishments use the regular cold brew method means that establishments using the nitro cold brew method will definitely stand out!

Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew

Nitro coffee is not only here to stay, it is predicted to continue in its popularity through the next seven years. When cold brew coffee is nitrogenated, it energizes the cold brew, meaning anyone who consumes can expect delicious results. Choosing to infuse cold brew coffee using nitrogenation allows coffee lovers to experience all new flavors and all new aromas when consuming their favorite cup of cold brew. Nice!

Nitro cold brew coffee is:

  • lower in calories when compared to lattes or other flavored coffees
  • sweeter without the need to use any sugars
  • a safe drinking option for those who are sensitive to dairy products
  • lower in acidity, making it the preferred cold brew option for those with sensitive stomachs

Bottom Line

Whether you own a business and serve cold brew coffee to your customers, or are in the beverage processing business, offering your customers nitro cold brew options will definitely help you stand out from the competition.

Or maybe you want an at-home nitro brew system so you can enjoy nitro coffee at home for you, your family, and your friends? Whatever your needs are, we can help you set up your very own NitroBrew system. One of the many perks of owning an at home NitroBrew system is that it is a very sustainable way for you to create and make your own nitro beverages. We even made it easier by eliminating the need for using bulky nitrogen cylinders. There is also no longer a need to use pressurized kegs. This is why NitroBrew has the reputation of being the no-fuss nitro option for your business!

Nitro infused beverages are extremely popular nowadays, especially among the younger generations who enjoy exploring new and exciting beverage options!

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About Nitro Cold Brew

About Nitro Cold Brew & Types of Nitro Cold Brew Machines

The demand for Nitro Cold Brew Machines is increasing since nitro beverage sales have sky-rocketed recently in cafés, coffee shops, and bars. In this article, we explained the Nitro Cold Brew Machines and the different types of Nitro Cold Machines which are most popular with us.

What is a Nitro Cold Brew Machine

A Nitro Cold Brew Machine is a specialized device used to create all types of nitro cold brew beverages like nitro beer, nitro cold brew coffee, Nitro tea, and other nitro drinks. The machine infuses nitrogen gas from a nitrogen gas tank into the drinks and makes them smooth, creamy, and delicious.

NitroBrew introduced a nitro cold brew machine which infuses the nitrogen gas from natural air we breathe. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen. This enables you to save money as well as making it a clean and sustainable way to make nitro beverages.

Different Types of Best Nitro Cold Brew Machines

NitroBrew offers different types of Best Nitro Cold Brew Machines based on your requirements. We have Nitro Brew home kits, Commercial Nitro Brew machines, and the world’s smallest Nitro infuser for a business of any size.

NitroBrew Home Kit

With the NitroBrew Home kit, you can make any nitro drink from the comfort of your home in just 2 minutes. The home kit contains a Nitro Brew Kettle, 1 charging station to infuse the gas and an air compressor.
We have home kits in 2 different sizes 12oz and 16oz.

NitroBrew 12oz Home Kit

NitroBrew Tabletop / Countertop

The Nitro Cold Brew Tabletob System is the perfect solution for cafes, events, conferences, food trucks, mobile carts, farmers markets, and more! This compact and portable option allows you to serve any nitro-infused drink, such as beer, coffee, tea, or any beverage of your choice, quickly and easily. Simply supply your chilled beverage in any container, connect the tabletop system to a nitrogen cylinder or a clean and oil-free air compressor, and you’ll be ready to serve in just minutes. With no pressurized kegs needed, the Nitro Cold Brew Tabletop System is a convenient and hassle-free option for all your nitro-infused drink needs.

We have single tap nitro brew tabletop system and dual tap nitro brew tabletop configurations.

Nitro Cold Brew Tabletop
Single Tap Nitro Cold Brew Tabletop

Micro Nitro

The Micro NitroBrew infuser is the world’s smallest nitro infuser designed for a single beverage or more. Add Nitrogen to any drink of your liking using the Micro Nitro, which has a small footprint and can be easily set up in a cold room, kegerator, or refrigerator. With just over 20 cu. in., it’s the most compact inline nitro-infusion option available in the market. To push your beverage, you’ll need a pump or a pressurized keg, which can be easily incorporated into the system. Once installed, simply turn on the tap and enjoy smooth and delicious nitro-infused drinks.

We provide both Single Tap Micro Nitro and Dual Tap Micro Nitro Systems.

Micro Nitro Cold Brew Machine
Micro Nitro Cold Brew Machine

Pneumatic Micro Nitro

Use the micro nitro in combination with a pneumatic pump mounted on a plate to add Nitrogen to any beverage of your choice. It has a small footprint and can be easily installed in a cold room, kegerator, or refrigerator. With just over 20 cu. in., it’s the most compact inline nitro-infusion option available in the market. Unlike other systems, with the Pneumatic Micro Nitro, you won’t need a pressurized keg to push your beverage since the pump is mounted alongside the micro nitro infuser. Enjoy smooth and delicious nitro-infused drinks with ease using the Pneumatic Micro Nitro from NitroBrew.

Pnuematic Nitro Cold Brew Machine
Dual Tap Pnuematic Nitro Cold Brew Machine

Advantages of using our Nitro Cold Brew Machines

Save money and eliminate the hassle of purchasing nitrogen gas tanks with our NitroBrew Machines! Unlike other machines, ours don’t require a nitrogen gas tank to infuse drinks. Our machines are designed to work with either a nitrogen cylinder or an air compressor which has 78% nitrogen. This feature makes our products both cost-effective and eco-friendly.
We’ve designed our machines to be simple to use and easy to maintain, making them a convenient and hassle-free option for all your nitro-infused drink needs. Enjoy smooth and delicious nitro-infused drinks without the added expense and effort with our NitroBrew Machines.


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Coffee Shops Creative with Nitro Brew

Coffee Shops Are Getting Creative With Nitro Everything

Coffee Shops Are Getting Creative With Nitro Everything
by Dan Engel

Published on September 14, 2022 (Freshcup Magazine)

To say that nitro coffee is taking off might be the understatement of the year. With a 904% menu increase over the last four years, it’s fast becoming one of the trendiest drinks around. Cafes across the nation are adding nitro options to their cold brew lineup, and with such a steady increase, we think nitro drinks are here to stay.

But there’s a lot more to nitro than cold brew.

Although they generally end up in the cold brew section of the menu, there are so many fun and exciting ways to craft genuinely amazing drinks with nitro. Here are 15 unique nitro-based drink recipes that cafes, restaurants, and cocktail bars are using, along with tips on how to get creative with nitro infusion from coffee experts across the globe.

Full article on FreshCup :

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Nitro Brew Drink

The Sustainability Dilemma of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

The Sustainability Dilemma of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


Published on

Last updated on

With a smooth texture and beer-like head, nitro cold brew continues to hit high notes with coffee drinkers worldwide. In fact, recent reports reveal nitro cold brew hitting a staggering 904% menu increase over the last four years.

Traditionally, serving nitro-infused drinks typically means investing in inefficient systems. Nitro setups can be cumbersome and generate waste, which may conflict with other environmentally-conscious business practices around the café, like composting spent grounds or reducing plastic usage.

We spoke to Murthy Tata, an inventor, chemical engineer, and founder of NitroBrew, to learn about the inefficiencies of serving nitro coffees and what cafe owners can do to eliminate the environmental costs of offering these drinks.

Full article on FreshCup :

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Nitro Cold Brew Options and Costs

Nitro Brew Coffee, your wallet and more!

Nitro coffee is turning into a staple option for many consumers. Whether they enjoy a good nitro at home or at a local cafe or a chain store, it is only getting more popular. Cafes across different regions , big and small, see increased demand. The silky smooth beverage is a great drink on a hot summer day. The cascade of tiny nitrogen bubbles settling at the top to form a crema is a visual treat. Dairy is optional.

We believe that the nitro trend will only grow, not just for coffee but other beverages like tea and cocktails too. The visuals and the taste of nitro beverages is so unique that more and more people are taking notice. NitroBrew® brings this into your home with the single serve kettle system. You can infuse any drink in under a minute from the comfort of your home, one cup at a time.

As a consumer, you typically have the following options to enjoy a nitro coffee:

  • Buy pre-packaged nitro coffee from a grocery store
  • Make nitro coffee at home.
  • Grab a nitro from a local coffee shop or God forbid, from a Starbucks near you 🙂

Let’s look at the costs associated with each of these.

Pre-Packaged and In-Store

The pre-packaged nitro-coffee market seems to be gaining momentum. There are more canned nitro options for consumers at grocery stores. Companies of all sizes are rushing their pre-packaged options to market. Typically, you need to shake the can or bottle and dump the beverage somewhat violently into a glass to achieve the perfect cascade and infusion. This technique works but is subject to a lot of variabilities and you may not achieve that classic nitro pour you were hoping to see! The cost of these ranges from $20 to $30 for an 8 pack. These pre-packaged options can get expensive for a consumer who needs a coffee fix every morning. This could add up to $800 -$1200 in a year.

Getting your nitro fix from a coffee chain isn’t budget-friendly either. Prices available online and in menus can range from $3.25 to $5.00 per cup. Projecting that over a year, you are looking at $1000 to $1500 (yikes!). It adds up pretty quickly.

Nitro Cold Brew System Cost

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Home

There are several different products available in the market to enjoy nitro coffee at home. Most have cartridges that need to be replaced. While the initial cost of these systems is low, the cost of consumables, like cartridges, add up really fast. NitroBrew® is the only system out there for home use that has no consumables. Air is 78% nitrogen so NitroBrew® uses air to infuse into your beverage. You can make your own cold brew coffee at home or purchase any from the market. There are several options available. Another tip for you, with NitroBrew®, you can even just chill drip coffee and infuse! See how you like it. Is decaf your thing? Well, we have customers who nitro their decaf coffee with our system!


Cartridge systems might seem convenient at first. All you have to do is fill a container with cold coffee and screw in a cartridge on the available port. The in-built mechanism pierces the cartridge and the gas flows into the headspace of the container. The container then has to be shaken and dispensed. They are offered in a few different sizes and there are plenty of cartridge manufacturers on the market. The cartridges are filled with pure Nitrogen (N2) or Nitrous Oxide (N2O). Manufacturing and trashing these cartridges are a huge source of pollution, more on that later.

Looking at some of the popular systems online, the prices for the first year of use range between $593 to $1194*. The catch though, is in the recurring cost of those cartridges. Depending on the type of system and volume of gas required, second year onward, the cost ranges between $394 and $1033 per year. This cost never goes away as long as you use the system.

The price of NitroBrew® systems may seem high at first, but, over a short period of time, the system pays for itself and then some! There are no recurring costs of consumables. The systems are designed to be durable and safe to operate. There is no risk of malfunctioning cartridges or handling cylinders. The versatility and flexibility of NitroBrew® is unmatched. You can make any drink a nitro drink and experiment to see what others drinks you may enjoy on nitro. Beer, coffee, tea, cocktails, mocktails, root beer, cream soda and more. NitroBrew, with zero consumables, easily offsets the initial higher price of the system! Plus the fun of trying and experimenting different drinks on nitro is appealing to many! Enjoy nitro drinks without trashing the environment!

Nitro Brew Kit Costs

Local coffee shops

While we would love everyone to have a NitroBrew home kit and experiment, a word about supporting local cafes and coffee shops. Being a small business ourselves, we know how hard we have to work to earn the trust and business of a consumer. We also know that local businesses put their heart and soul into their business and are some of the most passionate people we have come to know. We would never dissuade you from visiting your local shop with family or friends and enjoying good company with some good coffee. Such interactions are invaluable. But if you go to your favorite cafe and don’t see NitroBrew, maybe you can put in a word for them to check us out 🙂
NitroBrew 12oz Kit


78% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen. The price and energy to extract that Nitrogen from air, package it and transport it to the point of use is quite high.. This extraction process is a source of pollution because significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide is produced, which is a greenhouse gas. As high as these charges may seem, they don’t end at the point of use. The cartridges then have to be disposed of. They cannot be recycled because the risk of explosion of an unused cartridge is high. So, they end up in a landfill. To get to the landfill, they need to be transported from the point of use to a dump zone via fossil fuel powered trucks which add to air pollution. This pollution is further worsened in cases of Nitrous Oxide. The gas itself is very harmful to the environment, manufacturing and transporting it aggravates the situation further.

NitroBrew® takes sustainability seriously. Using the air we breathe to infuse into drinks is extremely energy efficient, causes no pollution and the dollar savings for consumers is like a cherry on top of that nitro brew! You can pat yourself on the back for doing your part for the environment!


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Best Nitro Cold Brew System – Sustainability

NitroBrew Cold Brew System – Promise of Sustainability!

Nitrogen is a transparent, odorless gas that can be infused into coffee or any drink to produce a smooth, creamy beverage. Nitro Brew Coffee has been a fairly recent trend of nitro beverages that offers a completely different and delightful coffee experience. Cream or dairy is optional.

However, storing, transporting, and refilling nitrogen regularly is a highly energy-intensive process. The energy used to generate nitrogen from the air (air is 78% nitrogen) via the fractional distillation process produces a significant amount of carbon dioxide, not to mention the pollution dredged up for the fossil fuels generating power. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, is a major contributor to global warming and ocean acidification. Once produced, the cost of transporting and maintaining the high-pressure nitrogen tanks and cartridges can further add to the carbon footprint and climate change, and can be felt in the pocketbook.

Smaller portable and disposable gas cartridges, although convenient, can still mean moving a lot of metal for even smaller amounts of gas. And remember, although those cartridges are providing nitrogen, you are already including a lot of oxygen into the beverage by the time you open the gizmo, pour your drink, and screw-in that cartridge anyway! Today, most of the disposable cartridges are not recycled and end up in landfills.

We also think nitrous oxide gas (N2O) used for certain products (e.g. whipped cream and some “nitro-style” creamed coffees) is especially damaging. The global warming potential of nitrous oxide is almost 300 times greater than carbon dioxide Nitrous oxide persists in the atmosphere for hundreds of years as well causing cumulative damage to the environment. While nitrous oxide gas cylinders and cartridges bear the same problems as nitrogen systems, the nitrous oxide gas used ends up in the environment.



We developed NitroBrew Kits with two things in mind:

i) Offer a clean and sustainable way to make nitro beverages
ii) Make serving nitro brew  affordable for everyone

At NitroBrew, we are very passionate about environmental sustainability. We offer a way to make Nitro-beverages without any consumables. Although all NitroBrew products can handle a variety of gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, argon, helium, etc) we strongly encourage everyone to simply use the air we breathe. When using air, you still infuse a lot of nitrogen (78% of air is nitrogen). Most of the remaining gas that is oxygen is actually more foam-positive than nitrogen.

The wonderful flavor of coffee (and tea, chocolate, beer, and various beverages and foods in general) is the result of complex chemical reactions that happen during processing. For example, the amino acids react with sugars and other carbohydrates during the roasting process (some of these are called Maillard reactions) giving rise to a variety of compounds beyond what is already present in the beans. These compounds include flavonoids [sic], polyphenols, tannins, and so on. The signature bouquet of a particular cup of coffee is the result of the bean variety, its growth and harvest conditions, moisture, the roasting time and temperature program, and so on. The spectrum of compounds that impact the taste and flavor can be quite complex- so much so that one can sometimes resign themselves to attribute it all to the mood of the roaster on that particular day he or she came to work 🙂

Everyone agrees that a freshly brewed cup of coffee from freshly roasted and ground beans tastes the best. But, if you let that coffee sit around, the flavor can go stale. The culprit is oxidation. There are numerous mechanisms for oxidative damage to the foods and beverages that cause staling. The maillard reaction products, flavonoids, polyphenols, various aldehydes, and lipids undergo oxidation by various mechanisms. Usually, despite the oxidative reactions, the compounds associated with stale character do not appear until long after the oxidation happens. Indeed, if the product is stored cold, it may take so long to notice stale character that the shelf life can be ‘freshness-dated’ as long as many months into the future.


What about Oxygen in the air?

The bad rap that oxygen gets is (justifiably) mainly from the experience of packaged goods industry where the goods need to be inventoried and moved through distribution and sales channels. Oxygen presence slowly leads to the food or beverage developing a stale character. Although the staling is noticeably faster at warmer storage temperatures staling is extremely slow at refrigerator temperatures. For example, beer, which happens to be one of the most oxygen-sensitive products to package, demands that the total package oxygen content be less than a few tens of parts per billion to get a decent shelf life at typical storage and distribution temperatures. If the product is kept cold, it can take several months for even an expert taster to pick up any stale character.

Environmentally Friendly and budget-friendly Nitro Brew System!

But none of the issues with Oxygen is really relevant for a typical NitroBrew technology use case. The idea is to make a fresh NitroBrew’d drink, on-demand, for instant gratification! With NitroBrew, while you can still use nitrogen for nitro coffee (or nitrous oxide to make whip cream), you can also do all of that with just air! And you don’t have to keep restocking gas cylinders or cartridges to continue to enjoy your favorite NitroBrew’d beverage. Go on and pat yourself on the back for really doing your part in helping Mother Earth heal.

Drawing the air we breathe and infusing that into the beverage is very energy efficient. The benefit of eliminating the large carbon footprint to manufacture and distribute these compressed gas cartridges and the pollution from the spent cartridges is huge in itself. The dollar savings and convenience that result from it are the icings on the cake.



Nitro Brew solution for small shops, artisan cafes, mobile carts, etc with NitroBrew single serve commercial bundles or the Nitro Brew Table Top system. Recently, Barista Magazine had NitroBrew and One Utopia featured in their ‘Take Away’ section and you can read about the interview with Tina, owner of One Utopia!

Tina A: Owner, One Utopia inside The Downtown Exchange Clermont, in Clermont, Florida as well as a mobile unit that services Central Florida.

NitroBrew Tabletop Customer 1—How long have you used NitroBrew in your truck?
We’ve used NitroBrew for over a year in the trailer.NitroBrew Customer OneUtopia
2—What was it about NitroBrew that appealed to you compared to other nitro products on the market?
I loved the size and the ease of using the product.  It has a sleek look which is also important because almost everything is seen by the customer.  The value was great too compared to others on the market. I love that I don’t ever have to worry about filling cylinders or constantly having to buy cartridges.  This makes the product more sustainable and eco-friendly ~ it was just a win all around!
3—You also have a brick+mortar shop, correct? Do you use NitroBrew there, as well?
We do!  We use the NitroBrew machine in both the shop in The Downtown Exchange Clermont (It’s an arisian market with a handful of small business and artisans.)
4—Anything else to say about why you love using NitroBrew?
It’s compact, simple to set up, and looks great!  It’s an awesome addition for any business, no matter what the size.  You can have 2 side by side pouring something different for your customers.


NitroBrew Client OneUtopia Shop



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Nitro Cold Brew at Home – Customer crafted creations

Nitro Cold Brew at home – Customers share their creations!

We bring you experiences from customers of NitroBrew and how they use them at home with delicious results. Whether it is just you enjoying a great cup of coffee or are surrounded by family and friends, we hope you add a little extra special touch to your drinks with Nitro Brew this holiday season!

Customer endorsed and in their own words!


@Dylan_1161 (NitroBrew 16oz Home Kit)


NitroBrew Anything and Dylan did just that!

“The NitroBrew machine is amazing and very convenient and it is fun to experiment with.  I mainly bought it for cold brew coffee’s and the occasional stout beer but I have put Whiskey, Mountain Dew, Orange juice, milk, protein drinks and sweet tea all through it for fun.

Look at my nitro cold brew coffee, it looks exactly like a Guinness beer in a pint glass.




Another thing I tried recently, pineapple whiskey sour that I poured with NitroBrew and it changed the texture entirely and was pretty awesome.  Pretty simple machine to use! “





Whipping up some Whipped Cream – no nitrous oxide cartridges needed here!

“I was making some nitro brew and then it hit me that I could make my own personal whip cream with your NitroBrew maker. Not only is it fast and easy to make the whip cream but it tastes heavenly. All you need is some heavy whipping cream and a flavored syrup I used vanilla. This is a game changer for the small town coffee shop I am at.

I have done hazelnut and English toffee whip cream and it was awesome. We sold some at our shop for toppings on some espresso shots and our customers love it!!

Thank you for making such a good product!”

Nitrous Oxide gas (N2O) used for certain products (e.g. whipped cream and some “nitro-style” creamed coffees) is especially damaging. Did you know the global warming potential of nitrous oxide is almost 300 times greater than carbon dioxide? Nitrous oxide persists in the atmosphere for hundreds of years as well causing cumulative damage to the environment.

This really makes what Dylan has done with NitroBrew very special. Thank you!




@Sankalle (NitroBrew 12oz Home Kit)


Mocktail fun with friends & family

“Passion fruit mocktail – Made this mocktail using the nitrobrew kit. Passion fruit juice with a dash of Grenadine and a Cranberry thyme mixer from @iconiccocktailco

The nitro infusion gave this drink a frothy smooth mouthfeel and the mixer added a lovely herbaceous flavor! Perfect for entertaining and enjoying with friends and family.”





Hearty, healthy breakfast with nitro coffee – all at home!


“Apple muffins with pistachios, raisins and cranberries – they make for a wonderful breakfast! They are dairy free and made with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat and brown sugar darkens the muffins but they are moist with a beautiful crumb. You can make them ahead and just warm them up before eating. My family thought they could use some sweetness so they had it with a drizzle of maple syrup. ⠀

It is a warm fall here in AZ so we had the muffins with chilled Nitro coffee without milk. The cold frothy coffee was really refreshing. You could add dairy or non dairy milk of your choice. I used the single serve NitroBrew to make my nitro cold brew coffee. The best part – no cartridges or cylinders required here!” ⠀

Whether it is nitro coffee with your favorite breakfast in the morning or a mid to late afternoon nitro tea with snacks or a nitro cocktail or beer at the end of the day, we hope you are inspired to try some of your own creations at home with the NitroBrew single serve systems!

We hope to bring you more ideas from our creative NitroBrew customers. If you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Just email us at

Happy NitroBrew’ing! Happy Holidays and stay safe!

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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee : What is Nitro Coffee?

If you’ve been down to your local coffee shop recently, you may have noticed a new item on the menu called nitro brew coffee. Nitro coffee started as a third wave coffee shop trend that’s quickly moved into the mainstream. The biggest coffee retail giant introduced the item to their menu in select stores as a seasonal item. It was so popular with their customers, though, they decided to keep it on the menu nationwide year-round.




If you’ve tasted the beverage, you’ll know that it’s a thicker, creamier tasting cold brew. The rich (and better for you) coffee packs a big punch when it comes to both taste and experience. But what is nitro coffee, exactly? What are you drinking when you order it, and is it actually safe to consume? It’s time to unwrap the nitro coffee mystery and discover why so many people love it and how you can bring that big taste home with you.


So What Is Nitro Brew Coffee?



Nitrogen Gas + Cold Brew Coffee = Nitro Brew Coffee

Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. There are a few ways nitrogen-infused coffee differs from your regular cup of cold brew. First, your barista will serve nitro coffee cold from the tap or infusion kettle. The beverage starts with regular cold brew coffee. That’s made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours (usually at least overnight and for as long as 24 hours). The mixture is then infused with the nitrogen gas right before it’s poured. That’s done with special equipment that you might be more used to seeing in a bar than in your local coffee shop.


Is Nitrogen-Infused Coffee Safe to Drink?

Nitrogen gas has been used in beverages for hundreds of years. It’s the same thing you’ll find in some of your favorite beers. The gas is safe to drink and an alternative to carbon dioxide. Most beverages use carbon dioxide gas, which creates larger bubbles you’ll find in soda and regular beers. Nitrogen gas reacts differently when it’s pumped into a liquid. The bubbles created by nitrogen are smaller and the overall texture of the beverage is creamy and smooth. Nitrogen gas also adds a little bit of sweetness to the drink. That’s why it works so well for coffee. Nitrogen-infused coffee tastes smooth and creamy without the addition of milk, sugar, or their substitutes.

Plus, nitro coffee looks really good in the glass. If you’ve seen a nitro beer poured, nitro coffee looks very similar. Both have a rich color, foamy head, and cascading bubbles going down the sides of the glass. The visual appeal of a nitro brew coffee is part of the overall experience of the beverage. It’s fun to look at and great to taste. It’s an Instagram-worthy beverage that actually tastes even better than it looks.



Is Nitrogen-Infused Coffee Better For You?



One of the reasons nitrogen coffee is becoming so popular is because it can be a healthy alternative to your regular caffeine fix. It earns the title of being a healthy coffee beverage in a few different ways:

  • It’s lower in calories than a latte or other flavored coffee.
  • It’s sweet without the use of sugars.
  • It safe for those with milk sensitivities.
  • It’s lower in acidity and easier on the stomach.

Nitrogen boosts the flavor of the coffee and makes it creamy and sweet, so there is no need to add calories through milk or sugar. That makes it a calorie-conscious caffeine lover’s dream. It’s also appealing to anyone with milk sensitivity since the creaminess doesn’t require you to use any dairy or dairy alternatives.

The other benefit comes from how you make nitrogen coffee, particularly the cold brew coffee. Because cold brew is slowly steeped in cold water, it pulls less of the acidity out of the coffee bean. This makes a rich, ultra-caffeinated brew that’s lower in acidity than traditionally brewed coffee. The lower acidity in the final nitro brew coffee is easier on your stomach, leading to fewer digestive issues for coffee lovers.

The caffeine content in the cold brew is a lot higher than in a traditionally brewed cup of coffee. While the longer brewing process pulls less acidity out, it actually pulls more caffeine out of the coffee beans. So if you are sensitive to caffeine, you’ll want to be careful about how much of it you consume. If you are trying to cut back, though, nitro brew coffee could be beneficial, though. You’ll be able to get your caffeine fix without drinking as much coffee.

The health benefits and wide range appeal of nitro coffee are why you’ll be seeing is appear on more and more menus. It’s also why many people are looking for ways to make this tasty caffeinated treat at home.


Can You Make Nitro Coffee At Home?

One of the only drawbacks of nitro coffee is the pricetag. Nitro coffee tends to be expensive, and a cup at your local indie coffee shop could cost you as much as $5 or more. Ready-made nitrogen coffees are now hitting the supermarket shelves, but those are still pricey. Unfortunately, the quality of canned nitrogen coffees is often lacking. The best way to drink nitrogen-infused coffee is to have it freshly made right before you drink it.

The good news is it’s easy to make nitrogen-infused coffee at home. You’ll need to make sure you have the right setup first. Coffee shops and restaurants invest in commercial-grade equipment that can infuse cold brew with nitrogen gas on demand. Nitro coffee lovers can do the same thing at home with a kettle system that infuses a cup at a time.

Look for a nitro cold brew coffee maker that don’t require consumable nitrogen cartridges. These will increase the cost per cup over time and require you to keep the supplies on hand. The systems will instead use an air compressor to infuse the coffee since the air we breathe is about 80% nitrogen anyway. Plus, fewer consumables means your at-home coffee routine is more environmentally friendly.


Now That You Know What Nitro Coffee Is…

It’s time to head down to your local coffee shop to try it. The sweet, smooth, creamy coffee drink is taking over the menu of coffee shops around the world. It’s becoming the most sold beverage for many establishments. You can make it your new usual or purchase equipment to help you bring the taste home. Either way, nitro brew coffee is here to stay.

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The Best Nitro System for Beer – NitroBrew

Best Nitro System for Beer

Love the smooth, creamy mouthfeel of nitrogen beer?  You aren’t alone! It’s a trend with staying power and one that more and more restaurants are bringing to their menu. It’s also something that many consumers are looking to bring home with them. The popularity of nitrogen drinks has inspired many manufacturers to bring their own nitrogen beer systems to the market. But which one is right for you? Whether you are looking for a nitro beer tap system to install in a commercial setting or want to enjoy the taste at home, here is a guide to helping you find the set up that’s right for you.



Understanding What Makes Nitro Beer Better

There is something pretty special about nitrogen-infused beer. It’s a beverage that really captures the senses. The first thing you’ll notice, though, are the visuals of it. Nitro beers are best poured into a stout glass, which allows the drinker to enjoy watching the bubbles cascade through the liquid. Then there is the way the beer feels in your mouth. Nitro beers taste smoother and creamier vs. a beer charged with Co2. The nitrogen creates a richer texture on the tongue and makes it a totally different drinking experience.

That’s why people love it and want to experience it again and again. The way the beer looks, smells, and tastes enhance the drinking experience. To achieve that, whether at home or for a pub or restaurant, you’ll need a nitro beer tap system.

There are a huge variety of systems to choose from, but in general, you’ll be able to choose between a kettle system and a keg system. Which system is right for you will depend on several factors. Those include how much nitro beer you expect to serve as well as whether you want to deal with consumables. The answers to those questions will help guide your purchasing decision.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Nitro System for Beer

Determine how much nitrogen beer you’ll be serving.

It may be hard to anticipate how popular nitrogen beer is going to be initially. If you are a business, you may need to do some market research about nitrogen beer consumption in your area. It’s likely those numbers will surprise you. It’s a beverage that’s been gaining in popularity over the last ten years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

If you are a home user, consider your weekly consumption. You’ll also want to think about whether you’ll be using your nitro beer tap system for parties and gatherings.

If you choose a keg system, you may find yourself locked into the size. That might end up being too much (meaning your beer will eventually get stale). Or it could be too little (meaning you are going through the hassle of changing out and charging the new keg more often).

Kettle systems like the one NitroBrew uses offer scalability. That way you can simply expand the system as demand for nitro drinks grow.


Think about the long-term costs of different systems.

Depending on the system that you choose, you may need to consider the long term expenses and how they’ll affect your budget. All systems will need to be regularly cleaned to keep all the parts in good working order. Doing this should prevent any kind of blockage or break down in most nitrogen beer systems, so upkeep costs will be minimal on a high-quality system.

However, there are consumables to consider. Some systems are ready to go, right out of the box. Others will require you to use disposable nitrogen cartridges. These probably won’t blow your budget, but the cost does add up over time. Plus, you’ll need to make sure that you always have fresh nitrogen cartridges on hand. If you run out, that’s the end of the nitrogen beer until you get more.


Focus on quality over affordability.

When you are looking at nitrogen beer systems, it’s tempting to go with the option that’s the most affordable. Some people think that there is little difference between the systems so choosing the best deal is the smart way to shop. Unfortunately, if you end up buying a cheap nitrogen beer system, you could end up paying more in the long run. That’s because inexpensive parts make inexpensive systems, so the mechanics are more likely to wear out and break down over time. You’ll end up replacing your nitro system for beer more often. That means paying more in out-of-pocket costs than you would have if you’d initially invested in a quality set-up.

So before you try to save a few dollars, look at the quality of the systems you are considering. This is especially important in a pub or restaurant setting where you’ll be using the nitro system on a daily basis. Investing in quality will end up being more affordable.


The Pros and Cons of Different Nitrogen Beer Systems


Pros and Cons of Kettle Nitro Beer Systems

  • No consumables. You can use it with a compressor that uses the nitrogen in the atmosphere to charge the beer.
  • Easy to expand. Simply buy more nitrogen beer kettles to increase your available output.
  • You make 12 oz at a time. That’s good news for quality, but bad news if you want to have hundreds of ounces on tap.

Pros and Cons of Keg Nitro Beer Tap Systems

  • Have to invest in nitrogen cartridges. This can increase your expenses over time.
  • You are stuck with the amount in your keg. That could lead to waste as beer goes bad.
  • Bulky keg systems take up a lot of space. You’ll want to make sure you have the room for something the size of a small fridge.



NitroBrew covers all the bases. Our systems are easy to use, made with the highest-quality components, and deliver amazing nitro bubbles in every pint. You can browse our selection of top-quality nitrogen beer systems on our website and find the one that’s right for your home or business. They tick every box for both residential and commercial use. Get the creativity, quality, and mouthfeel you want as you pour the perfect pint every time. Order your nitro system for beer today.


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