Nitro Coffee Makers Reviewed - The 4 Best Nitro Coffee Machines

Nitro Coffee Makers – The Best Nitro Coffee Machines Reviewed

Nitro Coffee Makers – The Best Nitro Coffee Machines Reviewed

If you’ve fallen in love with nitro cold brew coffee, you aren’t alone. This next-level caffeinated treat is popping up in coffee shops all over the world. A lot of coffee connoisseurs are now eager to bring the experience home with them. And fortunately, there are many nitro coffee makers on the market that can help you do that. But what’s the best nitro coffee maker? And which one is right for you?

Four of The Best Nitro Coffee Makers Available Now

NitroBrew For Home Kit (this is us)

NitroBrew is the brainchild of inventor Murthy Tata. The company’s nitro coffee brewer kit comes with a 12 or 16 oz kettle, a charger, and an air compressor. This is a kit that stands out on the market thanks to some very unique differences. First, the other kits on this list are all 64 oz kettles. That’s four servings of a 16-ounce glass, or a pretty standard pour in your local coffee shop. But bigger isn’t always better. With NitroBrew’s 16-ounce kettle, you can easily customize every serving you make. That means you can infuse different flavors into every serving. That’s a feature that really opens up your ability to get creative with your coffee.

A few other things that set this nitro kit apart is the fact that there is no need for nitrogen tanks or cartridges and no consumables. The system uses nitrogen from the surrounding air (which is 80% nitrogen anyway) to charge the cold brew. As long as there is air to breathe, there will be nitro to taste. The end result is the creamy mouthful you love without the need to spend extra cash on tanks and cartridges.

The only downside to the set up for at-home consumers could be the cost. At $349 for the 12 oz kit and $399 for the 16 0z kit, it’s about twice what the other kits on this list are going for. However, in our opinion it is well worth it. The quality of the materials used to make the system is second to none and the nitro drinks produced are unmatched. When you take into account there is no need to spend more money on nitrogen tanks and cartridges, then you could actually end up saving over time as well.

Lymor Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker 64 oz

The Lymor nitro coffee maker kit comes with the kettle, faucet, handle, connector, pot lid, capsule cover, and hose. They also include cleaning and installation tools. So the only thing you’ll need to buy additionally are the nitrogen cartridges. The entire assembly is just four steps, meaning you can charge up your cold brew within a few minutes of getting the package. It’s a compact set-up, too. The company says it’s ideal for taking your cold brew on the go with you, such as picnics or when you are camping. One purchaser commented that it sits perfectly in the door of her refrigerator, so she has nitro cold brew whenever she wants it.

Reviews are a little mixed when it comes to the spout on this nitrogen coffee maker, though. Some reviewers warn that their spout broke after a limited number of pours. If you choose to go with this maker, know that this has been a problem in the past. More recent reviews say that they aren’t experiencing the same issue, though. At $186, you may be able to justify the risk and buy a backup spout if needed.

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit 64 oz

Royal Brew’s nitro cold brew coffee maker is a comprehensive set up for nitro coffee lovers. The kit models itself after stout beer dispensers, with an attractive stainless steel finish and sleek design. This system works with a variety of cartridges, including nitrogen and nitrous oxide. That way you can easily get the gas you need to create that creamy brew. Royal Brew also offers a lifetime warranty on the set-up, so you can message them for support and service on the kit at any time. There are several videos available on YouTube that can help you troubleshoot any issues.

This setup looks amazing and is a solid nitro cold brew maker for less than $200. There are a couple of issues that buyers should know about before they hit the “buy now” button, though. First, some consumers complain that the system is too tall for their refrigerators. You may need to adjust your shelves to make space if you want to keep it in your kitchen fridge. Secondly, a few people have commented that the system isn’t great at holding a charge and they need to use multiple cartridges for every batch. Be warned that this could run up your costs.

Overall, though, this is a nice system for the at-home nitro coffee drinker. Buyers note that they love that they can buy the setup and start immediately saving on their monthly coffee shop bill.

KEG STORM Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker 64 Oz

KEG STORM’s nitro cold brew maker kit is the least expensive one on this list, coming in around a very low cost of $160. That puts it within reach for the average cold brew consumer, especially if you consider how much you spend each month at the local coffee shop. The system claims to be the “perfectly designed maker kit,” and it does look good. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, the system has a nice kettle and an attractive handle. The completed setup looks like it came from a professional bar. It’s easy to assemble, too. Simply screw the included components together (they include a special tool that makes assembly even easier). Pour in your ingredients, charge, shake, and leave it in your refrigerator for an hour.

This system certainly makes it easy to make nitro cold brew coffee at home. For the price point, though, you’ll have to expect some compromises on quality. One of the biggest complaints about this system is the quality of the components. A lot of buyers experienced issues with leakage, especially around the valves. Tightening the components firmly and following the instructions closely should eliminate some issues, but may not solve them all.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to create the smoothness of nitro cold brew at home, though, this could be a solid entry-level kit.

So Which Nitro Coffee Maker Is Right For You?

Determining which system to buy will depend on a few factors, such as budget and usage levels. If you are on a tight budget and want to experiment with nitro coffee without a big commitment, then one of the lower-priced systems may be the right one for you. If you want high-quality gear and already know you love nitro cold brew at home, then spending the extra money for the NitroBrew system may be the right choice. You’ll end up with a top-quality setup you can use for years without worrying about cartridges or tanks. Pick the system that’s right for you and bring home the smooth, rich, creamy mouthfeel of nitro cold brew coffee.

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