A Guide To Nitro Beer

What Is Nitro Beer?

There’s an allure to watching a nitro beer as it settles into the glass. The dance of minuscule nitrogen bubbles creates a picture-perfect brew that’s deliciously dark with a perfectly creamy mouthfeel. It’s the stuff of dreams for avid beer drinkers.

Nitro beer represents a unique category in the world of brewing, where beer is infused with nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide. This infusion process brings a complexity to your beer that’s meant to improve the texture, taste and appearance. The small, fine nitrogen bubbles create a smooth, velvety feel and provide the characteristic “cascade” effect as the bubbles rise through the glass. Nitro style beers typically include stouts, porters, and darker ales, but this process can be done to any type of beer.

Nitro Beer

A New Age of Nitro Infusion

The road to mainstream acceptance of nitro infusion was a challenging one. This is largely because perfecting the process proved difficult and initially impractical for widespread use. Sensitivity to variables such as beer temperature, gas counter pressure, and gas composition meant that even slight changes could dramatically affect the quality of nitrogenated beer. This complexity made commercial adoption tough. Guinness played a pioneering role by successfully incorporating nitrogen into their stouts and bringing them to a global audience, setting a precedent for others to follow.

In today’s world of craft beer, the number of bars, breweries, and taprooms adopting their own approach to nitro draft beer is steadily rising. As the science behind bottling nitro infused beer continues to pose challenges, setting up nitro tap systems has become the most common method for integrating this specialty into breweries. Now, it’s challenging to find a serious craft brewery that hasn’t started using a nitro beer dispenser in some capacity. If you’re still wondering how to make nitro beer, you’ve probably never heard of our NitroBrew products.

Brew With Us Today

Here at NitroBrew, our systems use an inline nitrogen infuser that infuses your beverage right at the point of service. While many of our nitrogen beer systems are great for large scale applications, we also developed an individual NitroBrew home kit so you can brew and enjoy smooth, delicious nitro beer at home. Regardless of which product you choose, you’ll get a dependable mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide with every pour. The best part is, they require neither cartridges nor consumables!

Are you interested in learning more about how to nitrogenate beer with NitroBrew products? Contact our customer service team or browse our selection of commercial and home brew systems today.