Announcing the new larger 16oz NitroBrew kettle - Nitrobrew

Announcing the new larger 16oz NitroBrew kettle

Announcing the new larger 16oz NitroBrew kettle

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the 16oz Nitrobrew Kettle for home and commercial use. With 4 more ounces, you will still have the same frothy, creamy mouthfeel that our original 12oz Nitrobrew kettle is known for. The new, larger kettle will still make nitrogen-infused drinks (coffee, beer, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks).

But, 4oz doesn’t seem like a huge difference – that’s not even a sip of coffee! Kettle users may be wondering if it make sense to upgrade? Those getting ready to purchase may not be sure which kettle is the right fit. While both options are great and create the same high quality beverage, the frequency of use, volume needed, and number of users may impact which is right for you.

Those planning to break out the Nitrobrew to impress guests.may be better suited for the 16oz Kettle to make multiple cocktails at once – nitro Old Fashioned, anyone?! While a small cafe pouring nitro coffee back-to-back may do better to utilize the 12oz kettle.

No matter what you decide, our 2018 Holiday specials offer the best pricing of the year!!

Regularly $349, the 12oz kettle kit will be available for $299, and the newly launched 16oz kettle kit regularly $399, will be priced at $349. The special also includes free shipping within the continental United States, November 20 -December 15, 2018, available exclusively at



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