About NitroBrew

About NitroBrew

Dr. Murthy Tata founded NitroBrew in 2014. As a process development specialist for Miller Brewing during the 1990s, he developed Creamy Draft for Leinenkugel. It was the brewery’s first nitro style beer, and it was delicious. Like all nitro style beers, however, it was unstable and unpredictable in transit. Years of experimentation later, Murthy developed NitroBrew as a way to make nitro beers easily and inexpensively at the point of service for consistent, beautiful and delicious results. NitroBrew was awarded its patent in 2015 for its unique and innovative beverage dispense technology.

We have expanded our product offering and services from the brewing industry to the coffee industry and to the consumer market with the NitroBrew inline infusers and the home kit.

You can infuse nitrogen into any beverage at the point of service, with our inline infusers. Eliminate the need for pressurized kegs and simplify nitro infusion with NitroBrew’s nitro infusers. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to make smooth and creamy nitro drinks either at a cafe/bar or from the comfort of your home. You can nitro beer, coffee, tea, root beer, fruit juices or any drink you fancy. NitroBrew systems can be found in cafes, bars, taprooms, breweries and R&D labs around the world. Our products provide great flexibility and need very little support and maintenance. Did we mention you can also choose to infuse one serving at a time with our Single serve systems? We offer sustainable products that are great for your pocket and the environment!

Dr. Murthy Tata founded NitroBrew in 2014.


Brought to you by QuantiPerm

Founded by Dr. Murthy Tata, in 2002, QuantiPerm provides novel instrumentation and process solutions to the food & beverage, beer, and the biotechnology industries.

With NitroBrew, we bring unique and innovative beverage dispense technology to the world. We design and manufacture simple and easy to use products. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that provide flexibility to our customers. Our products have minimal consumables and require little support and maintenance.

NitroBrew is synonymous with innovation. We deliver great value to customers, provide an exciting and challenging environment for employees and sustained growth to our owners.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at NitroBrew. It drives our approach from product development to how it is produced, packaged, transported, used and discarded. We take responsibility for our impact on the environment and minimize wastage in every aspect of our business. Our packaging is very simple and we seek to use material that need little energy to produce them. Ultimately, we believe what matters most is what is inside the package.

The NitroBrew Crew


Murthy Tata, Ph.D.

Mad scientist. Inventor of NitroBrew

Meet our founder, Murthy. He is a serial inventor. NitroBrew, his latest invention, is the combination of his passion, adventure, experience, and science. He has decades of experience in brewing and biotech industries, with 5 patents and over 30 publications in prestigious scientific journals: his expertise spans diverse topics from materials science, biotechnology, and yes, beer! Over here, we call him the ‘Mad Scientist. 

According to Murthy, “beer is a fantastic mix of fundamental sciences, art and flavors.” Besides science and beer, he loves the outdoors. He is an avid rock climber, hiker, runner and a nature lover, and he hopes to circumnavigate the world in a sail boat some day! Until then he will continue to run both QuantiPerm, a company he founded in 2001, and NitroBrew, founded in 2014. His work ethic and passion for learning is an inspiration to many of us here!

Sabitha Tata, COO

Explainer-in-chief & Nerd Herder

Meet our COO, Sabitha. She handles most of NitroBrew and QuantiPerm’s marketing and advertising strategy as well as distributor relations. She knows the pulse of the customer and is always attuned to customer and market demands. She goes the extra mile to ensure our team is always responsive to customers needs. A tough part of her job is also being married to Murthy 🙂

And this is not even her day job. She is a Systems Manager at a Financial Services Technology company.  She is passionate about politics and loves to keep up with current issues. She enjoys classical music and believes in the power of music as a stress reliever. Sabitha is one heck of a woman who keeps us all on our toes!


Nick Huige, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor, Sage of the serve

Meet Nick who is on the advisory board at NitroBrew. Nick is originally from Netherlands, with a Ph.D. in Chemical Eng.. His distinguished career covers many areas of Brewing Research and Development, Innovation, and Engineering at Schiltz Brewing and then later at Miller Brewing company. His projects are varied and include brewery byproduct processing and economic analysis to improve brewing process efficiency and cost reduction and many others. He has done extensive research in flavor stability and new package development concepts like first commercial plastic beer bottle, nitrogenated widgets, self chilling cans etc.

Nick’s hobbies include long distance running, hiking mountains around Tuscon, AZ (his current winter residence). He loves to kayak in Wisconsin in the summer. He enjoys cooking new recipes and doing home remodeling in his spare time.

Here’s a funny anecdote. As an avid cross-country skier, Nick couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ski on a Milwaukee freeway on a snowy day. It so happened that the whole city was shut-down because of a Wisconsin snow storm. In recognition of his sportsmanship, the City of Milwaukee awarded him a ‘citation’.

Nick volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, Lapham peak state park and Chuhono state park. From Chem Eng, to running, to the love of outdoors, to beer, Murthy, our founder and Nick have a lot in common and have been friends for decades.

Vinay Kumar

Friendly Nerd

This is Vinay Kumar, our Mechanical Engineer. He is a friendly nerd who designs and oversees our QC team to ensure our customers receive the best products. He believes that with the right products and creativity, brewers and baristas can do wonders with their menu.

Vinay is wonderful at juggling his time to lead and execute projects both on the QuantiPerm & NitroBrew side. You may see him at your beverage facility for training and setup with some of the complicated instrumentation on the QuantiPerm side. Stop by and say hello to him! He wears multiple hats and does so with an amazing attitude!

In his free time, Vinay moves to the outdoors. He likes to hike and climb all around Arizona.

Gage Marr- The Trainer dude at NitroBrew

Gage Marr

The Trainer dude!

Meet Gage, the newest member of ‘The NitroBrew Crew’. He is our sales and marketing guy who has an amazing personality and demeanor. He also helps us in the warehouse to  build and test some of our NitroBrew systems before they get shipped! Gage is also a personal trainer. He enjoys mentoring others and helping them  become the best versions of themselves! He works with non profit organizations like Purpose Movement, helping to bring food, clothes, and love to the homeless. In his free time he can be found in the gym training himself or off somewhere watching One Piece. He loves the out doors and spends most of his weekends climbing the mountains or swimming in the lakes of Arizona. 

Lance Lusk

Technical Advisor, Mister Bubbles

Meet Lance, our flavor expert. He is an internationally recognized expert in beer flavor stability and beer foam properties. He is a Honorary Life Member of the American Society of Brewing Chemists. He is also a recipient of 7 United States patents and an author of 17 brewing publications and 6 biomedical publications. Lance is currently a guest lecturer in brewing science at New Mexico State University.

Lance enjoys mentoring and sharing brewing knowledge. Some of the folks he has mentored are :former graduate student who is Chief Brewer for The South African Breweries, former interns include a MillerCoors Brewing Manager, a Senior Program Manager in the food industry, and a physician who heads a Boston University Hospital neighborhood clinic.

His interests include reading the scientific literature and reading about history. He also enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures’ customs, history, dress, food, and beverages.

Steve Weick

Designer, CAD Meister

Steve was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He served in the Air Force – Radar Maintenance on EC121D Early Warning & Control Aircraft in support of Vietnam War.

He has vast experience in mechanical design ranging from High Energy Plasma Deposition, Flat Panel Displays, Photovoltaics, Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring, Quary Saw, Night Vision Rifle Scopes, Linear Irrigation System and Automated Micro-fluidic Dispense Systems and others. Of all those he worked on, we are thrilled that he enjoyed working with NitroBrew the most (a lot of taste testing was also involved, obviously).

Like most of us here at NitroBrew, Steve has many hobbies that he pursues passionately. These include “Gardening, Cars (my first car was a 1958 Corvette which I still own), Traveling with my wife in our trailer during the hot months, shooting (the first gun I purchased, at the age of 13, was an 1884 Springfield Trapdoor 45-70 Rifle which I still own), hunting, handloading, archery, visiting with interesting People -the world is full of them.