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Nitro Cold Brew Options and Costs

Nitro Brew Coffee, your wallet and more!

Nitro coffee is turning into a staple option for many consumers. Whether they enjoy a good nitro at home or at a local cafe or a chain store, it is only getting more popular. Cafes across different regions , big and small, see increased demand. The silky smooth beverage is a great drink on a hot summer day. The cascade of tiny nitrogen bubbles settling at the top to form a crema is a visual treat. Dairy is optional.

We believe that the nitro trend will only grow, not just for coffee but other beverages like tea and cocktails too. The visuals and the taste of nitro beverages is so unique that more and more people are taking notice. NitroBrew® brings this into your home with the single serve kettle system. You can infuse any drink in under a minute from the comfort of your home, one cup at a time.

As a consumer, you typically have the following options to enjoy a nitro coffee:

  • Buy pre-packaged nitro coffee from a grocery store
  • Make nitro coffee at home.
  • Grab a nitro from a local coffee shop or God forbid, from a Starbucks near you 🙂

Let’s look at the costs associated with each of these.

Pre-Packaged and In-Store

The pre-packaged nitro-coffee market seems to be gaining momentum. There are more canned nitro options for consumers at grocery stores. Companies of all sizes are rushing their pre-packaged options to market. Typically, you need to shake the can or bottle and dump the beverage somewhat violently into a glass to achieve the perfect cascade and infusion. This technique works but is subject to a lot of variabilities and you may not achieve that classic nitro pour you were hoping to see! The cost of these ranges from $20 to $30 for an 8 pack. These pre-packaged options can get expensive for a consumer who needs a coffee fix every morning. This could add up to $800 -$1200 in a year.

Getting your nitro fix from a coffee chain isn’t budget-friendly either. Prices available online and in menus can range from $3.25 to $5.00 per cup. Projecting that over a year, you are looking at $1000 to $1500 (yikes!). It adds up pretty quickly.

Nitro Cold Brew System Cost

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Home

There are several different products available in the market to enjoy nitro coffee at home. Most have cartridges that need to be replaced. While the initial cost of these systems is low, the cost of consumables, like cartridges, add up really fast. NitroBrew® is the only system out there for home use that has no consumables. Air is 78% nitrogen so NitroBrew® uses air to infuse into your beverage. You can make your own cold brew coffee at home or purchase any from the market. There are several options available. Another tip for you, with NitroBrew®, you can even just chill drip coffee and infuse! See how you like it. Is decaf your thing? Well, we have customers who nitro their decaf coffee with our system!


Cartridge systems might seem convenient at first. All you have to do is fill a container with cold coffee and screw in a cartridge on the available port. The in-built mechanism pierces the cartridge and the gas flows into the headspace of the container. The container then has to be shaken and dispensed. They are offered in a few different sizes and there are plenty of cartridge manufacturers on the market. The cartridges are filled with pure Nitrogen (N2) or Nitrous Oxide (N2O). Manufacturing and trashing these cartridges are a huge source of pollution, more on that later.

Looking at some of the popular systems online, the prices for the first year of use range between $593 to $1194*. The catch though, is in the recurring cost of those cartridges. Depending on the type of system and volume of gas required, second year onward, the cost ranges between $394 and $1033 per year. This cost never goes away as long as you use the system.

The price of NitroBrew® systems may seem high at first, but, over a short period of time, the system pays for itself and then some! There are no recurring costs of consumables. The systems are designed to be durable and safe to operate. There is no risk of malfunctioning cartridges or handling cylinders. The versatility and flexibility of NitroBrew® is unmatched. You can make any drink a nitro drink and experiment to see what others drinks you may enjoy on nitro. Beer, coffee, tea, cocktails, mocktails, root beer, cream soda and more. NitroBrew, with zero consumables, easily offsets the initial higher price of the system! Plus the fun of trying and experimenting different drinks on nitro is appealing to many! Enjoy nitro drinks without trashing the environment!

Nitro Brew Kit Costs

Local coffee shops

While we would love everyone to have a NitroBrew home kit and experiment, a word about supporting local cafes and coffee shops. Being a small business ourselves, we know how hard we have to work to earn the trust and business of a consumer. We also know that local businesses put their heart and soul into their business and are some of the most passionate people we have come to know. We would never dissuade you from visiting your local shop with family or friends and enjoying good company with some good coffee. Such interactions are invaluable. But if you go to your favorite cafe and don’t see NitroBrew, maybe you can put in a word for them to check us out 🙂
NitroBrew 12oz Kit


78% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen. The price and energy to extract that Nitrogen from air, package it and transport it to the point of use is quite high.. This extraction process is a source of pollution because significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide is produced, which is a greenhouse gas. As high as these charges may seem, they don’t end at the point of use. The cartridges then have to be disposed of. They cannot be recycled because the risk of explosion of an unused cartridge is high. So, they end up in a landfill. To get to the landfill, they need to be transported from the point of use to a dump zone via fossil fuel powered trucks which add to air pollution. This pollution is further worsened in cases of Nitrous Oxide. The gas itself is very harmful to the environment, manufacturing and transporting it aggravates the situation further.

NitroBrew® takes sustainability seriously. Using the air we breathe to infuse into drinks is extremely energy efficient, causes no pollution and the dollar savings for consumers is like a cherry on top of that nitro brew! You can pat yourself on the back for doing your part for the environment!


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