Month: December 2020

Nitro Cold Brew at Home – Customer crafted creations

Nitro Cold Brew at home – Customers share their creations!

We bring you experiences from customers of NitroBrew and how they use them at home with delicious results. Whether it is just you enjoying a great cup of coffee or are surrounded by family and friends, we hope you add a little extra special touch to your drinks with Nitro Brew this holiday season!

Customer endorsed and in their own words!


@Dylan_1161 (NitroBrew 16oz Home Kit)


NitroBrew Anything and Dylan did just that!

“The NitroBrew machine is amazing and very convenient and it is fun to experiment with.  I mainly bought it for cold brew coffee’s and the occasional stout beer but I have put Whiskey, Mountain Dew, Orange juice, milk, protein drinks and sweet tea all through it for fun.

Look at my nitro cold brew coffee, it looks exactly like a Guinness beer in a pint glass.




Another thing I tried recently, pineapple whiskey sour that I poured with NitroBrew and it changed the texture entirely and was pretty awesome.  Pretty simple machine to use! “





Whipping up some Whipped Cream – no nitrous oxide cartridges needed here!

“I was making some nitro brew and then it hit me that I could make my own personal whip cream with your NitroBrew maker. Not only is it fast and easy to make the whip cream but it tastes heavenly. All you need is some heavy whipping cream and a flavored syrup I used vanilla. This is a game changer for the small town coffee shop I am at.

I have done hazelnut and English toffee whip cream and it was awesome. We sold some at our shop for toppings on some espresso shots and our customers love it!!

Thank you for making such a good product!”

Nitrous Oxide gas (N2O) used for certain products (e.g. whipped cream and some “nitro-style” creamed coffees) is especially damaging. Did you know the global warming potential of nitrous oxide is almost 300 times greater than carbon dioxide? Nitrous oxide persists in the atmosphere for hundreds of years as well causing cumulative damage to the environment.

This really makes what Dylan has done with NitroBrew very special. Thank you!




@Sankalle (NitroBrew 12oz Home Kit)


Mocktail fun with friends & family

“Passion fruit mocktail – Made this mocktail using the nitrobrew kit. Passion fruit juice with a dash of Grenadine and a Cranberry thyme mixer from @iconiccocktailco

The nitro infusion gave this drink a frothy smooth mouthfeel and the mixer added a lovely herbaceous flavor! Perfect for entertaining and enjoying with friends and family.”





Hearty, healthy breakfast with nitro coffee – all at home!


“Apple muffins with pistachios, raisins and cranberries – they make for a wonderful breakfast! They are dairy free and made with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat and brown sugar darkens the muffins but they are moist with a beautiful crumb. You can make them ahead and just warm them up before eating. My family thought they could use some sweetness so they had it with a drizzle of maple syrup. ⠀

It is a warm fall here in AZ so we had the muffins with chilled Nitro coffee without milk. The cold frothy coffee was really refreshing. You could add dairy or non dairy milk of your choice. I used the single serve NitroBrew to make my nitro cold brew coffee. The best part – no cartridges or cylinders required here!” ⠀

Whether it is nitro coffee with your favorite breakfast in the morning or a mid to late afternoon nitro tea with snacks or a nitro cocktail or beer at the end of the day, we hope you are inspired to try some of your own creations at home with the NitroBrew single serve systems!

We hope to bring you more ideas from our creative NitroBrew customers. If you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Just email us at

Happy NitroBrew’ing! Happy Holidays and stay safe!

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