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Nitro Tea at Home

Nitro Tea and How to Make it at Home

Nitro Tea at Home

First, it was beer. Then it was coffee. And now the nitro trend is coming to tea.

The American Specialty Tea Alliance predicted nitro tea would be the next hot coffee shop trend in 2017. A little over a year later, specialty coffee shops started introducing the nitrogen-infused drink to their customers in select markets. And now this summer, even the coffee mega-chain Starbucks is getting in on the nitro tea trend. It won’t be long before nitro tea becomes a common menu item right beside nitrogen-infused coffee.

So why is nitro tea getting so much attention? And do you have to pay those third-wave coffee shop prices to enjoy the incredible taste?

Why Nitro Tea Is the Next Big Beverage Trend

Once you taste nitro tea, you’ll understand why it’s a trend that’s taking over the coffee culture. But there are five big reasons that people are making nitro tea their drink of choice.

Great taste without added sugars.

A lot of people are trying to avoid added sugars in their diet. Sugar can contribute to your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is a lot of added sugar in flavored coffees, sodas, and a lot of the drinks you’ll find on the typical coffee shop menu. Avoiding sugars used to mean ordering a plain old drip brew coffee or cup of tea. But nitro tea gives you an entirely new taste experience without the need for added sugar! Nitrogen gases infused with the beverage add a hint of sweetness without any extra sugars. So it’s the sweet taste you crave without the perils of added sugars in your diet.

A dairy-free beverage option.

You’ve likely noticed the number of dairy-alternatives on your local coffee shop menu. Almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk are all common milk substitutes. But what if you can end the need for milk in your beverage at all? When you sip on nitro tea, you get a creamy taste and texture without using milk. That means nitro tea is great for vegans as well as those who may experience milk sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance. It’s the creamy texture without the milky ingredients.

You can keep it low-calorie.

Love sipping on specialty beverages but hate what they do to your daily calorie count? The coffee shop loads many of their drinks with sugars and fats, and some drinks tip the scales at 500 calories or more. People are scanning the menu for an option that delivers the same kind of taste and drinking experience without the high-calorie count. Nitro tea to the rescue. Because there is no need for extra sugar, milk, or other calorie-laden ingredients, nitro tea is extremely low calorie. You can enjoy a 16-ounce glass of nitro tea for around 5 calories. That’s a lot of guilt-free beverage enjoyment without sacrificing taste!

Get a caffeine boost or avoid it entirely.

Sometimes a big boost of caffeine first thing in the morning is welcome. And sometimes we want to enjoy a beverage without worrying about it keeping us up all night. Nitro tea allows you to customize the caffeine. That’s because you can infuse any tea with nitrogen. The most common type of nitro tea is black tea. Black tea lends itself to the richness of the nitro bubbles and has an average of around 50 mg of caffeine per cup. That makes it a great replacement for your morning cup of coffee. But you can also enjoy nitro tea with green tea or experiment with any number of tea blends! In fact, one of the hottest trends in nitro tea is nitro matcha. This earthy tea blend is even more incredible when you combine it with the sweet creaminess of the nitrogen gas.

It’s a complete sensory experience.

Nitro tea isn’t just a low-calorie, no-sugar, dairy-free beverage option. It’s an experience for your senses. The nitrogen bubbles look incredible as they cascade up the sides of the glass. The tea smells incredible, especially if you use a cold-brewed tea that extracts the depth of flavor and aroma from the tea leaves. And most importantly, the taste. The taste of nitro tea is like nothing you’ve experienced before! It’s the marriage of your favorite tea flavor with the mouthfeel of your favorite stout. It’s a pleasure to drink, and that’s why so many coffee shops are banking that you’ll be coming back for more.

How To Make Nitro Tea at Home

There is a good chance that if you’ve already tried nitro tea, you are looking forward to your next cup. But high-end coffee shops that serve the beverage are asking big bucks for the taste experience. If you plan on sipping this creamy beverage once a day, it can quickly drain your bank account. But the good news is you can easily make nitro tea at home.

Nitro Tea Ingredients List & How-To Guide

To make your nitro tea at home, you’ll need:

That’s it!

Start by making your iced tea. When you first make nitro tea at home, we recommend keeping it simple and using your favorite black tea blend. Consider using the cold brew method to extract more of the subtle flavors of the tea. If you’ve made cold brew coffee at home, the process is similar. Soak your tea leaves or tea bags in cold water overnight, then strain into a clean pitcher.

Now it’s time to infuse nitrogen into your tea. It’s easier than it sounds, especially if you are using an at-home system. If you are using the NitroBrew system, there is no need to buy nitrogen cartridges (making it even more affordable to make at home!). The system uses the nitrogen found naturally in the air, infusing that into the tea.

To create your nitro tea:

  • Pour your cold brew tea into the NitroBrew kettle
  • Charge the kettle with nitrogen
  • Shake the kettle to mix the gasses

Then dispense your nitro tea and enjoy!!

When you have the basics of nitro tea down, you can experiment with infusing different fruits and herbs as well as playing with various tea blends. There is a world of potential nitro tea flavors out there to enjoy. With so many options, you won’t get bored with this beverage anytime soon. And once you have your nitro brewing system, you’ll be able to enjoy the taste for just pennies a glass.

Want to bring the nitro tea trend home? Check out our at-home nitro brew system. We make our reliable NitroBrew system with high-quality components built to last, charge after charge and brew after brew. You’ll be able to customize each nitro beverage for yourself and guests, using it for your favorite beers, coffees, teas, and so much more. Place an order now and enjoy nitro tea and other beverages at a fraction of the cost. Contact us

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