NitroBrew - Nitro System for Beer, Coffee or Any Beverage

Introducing NitroBrew: Taste the difference!

NitroBrew nitrogenates beer, coffee, tea, cream soda or any beverage of your choice giving it a silky mouthfeel and delicious taste! Use it from the comfort of your home or at your cafe and bar! We offer state-of-the-art inline and on-demand nitro infusers that can be installed in your cold room, kegerator or back bar, tabletop systems for your counter top and full kegerator systems! Single serve nitro beer or nitro coffee is now possible with NitroBrew kettle systems!

recycle image * Zero Consumables. No cartridges to change or cylinders to fill. We offer sustainable products that are great for your pocket and the environment!
* when used with air compressor. The air we breath is 78% Nitrogen. Please note all NitroBrew products can be used with 100% nitrogen or air compressor (78% nitrogen)

We offer single serve, inline tap systems as well as tabletop systems

NitroBrew is a one stop shop for all your nitro beverage needs

Single serve system

NitroBrew - Single Serve System

You can now NitroBrew beer, coffee or any beverage in seconds, on-demand, one serving at a time.

No consumables: no cartridges to change or cylinders to fill. As long as there is air to breathe, there will be nitro to taste.

Inline system

NitroBrew - Micro Nitro (μ-Nitro) Infuser for Inline Nitro

NitroBrew's μ-Nitro (micro nitro), the world's smaller nitro infuser, infuses any beverage with nitrogen (or any gas of choice) on demand. We can customize the system to your needs. You have the option to purchase the entire system with the kegerator from us or use your own and simply install the NitroBrew infuser.

NitroBrew - Tabletop System

NitroBrew tabletop system infuses any beverage with nitrogen on demand. Use it at events or conferences to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You can infuse nitrogen on demand and let the customers pour it themselves. You can supply coffee, tea or flat beer in any container (no pressurized kegs needed) and see the system pour out a classic nitro with the beautiful cascading bubbles. You will see a classic nitro pour every time! You can opt-in for an optional switch to start serving nitro and still from the same tap! No consumables if used with air (Air is 78% nitrogen)

NitroBrew works great for Beer, Coffee, Tea, Root beer, Fruit juices or any beverage you fancy!

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How It Works

For nitro lovers, it just might be science’s magnum opus.
The patented NitroBrew system energizes any drink with nitrogen while reducing carbonation for carbonated beverages. It’s a simple process with delicious results. All under a minute with minimal setup and equipment

Checkout all the nitro options we offer to see what fits your needs best. You can also call us to discuss!
Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen bubbles are extremely tiny and extremely stable. They remain trapped as a tight, creamy head of foam. It makes for an artful presentation – straight off a magazine cover.
The benefits go way beyond appearance. The nitrogen bubbles roll around on the palate to provide a silky mouthfeel. A reduced carbonation bite (for beer) and a well-rounded flavor combine to create a unique and delightful drinking experience.

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